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  1. 1. Stg-44, we already have an mp40 why not have the Stg? expand on the WW2 weapons. 2. Taurus Judge. I think that the Flak is a very unique weapon and with the right stats and talents it can be pretty good. I think the Taurus Judge would make a nice competetor and ads another shotgun pistol to the game. 3. FN 2000. With the limited number of bullpups in the game I believe the FN 2000 would make a nice addition to this family like the famas and the Aug. 4. Stoner 63. With all of the weapons the Stoner 63 would make a nice addition to either the AR class or could be a top fed LMG that could compete with the HUGE. 5. Kel-Tec KSG. Shotguns in TTT i feel are bad and even the SL0G. A true slug shot shotgun should be made and I feel it would be interesting in adding the KSG to compete with the SL0G and make it so there is another option for a shotgun I dont know if any of these will be liked but I feel there needs to be new weapons to give more overall options for players and make players want the guns to try them out and see how they fit in the meta.
  2. I agree with all of this, however I want more weapons more than anything some of the weapons I would want introduced are -Hera Arms CQB -PPSH-41 -AN 94 -FN F2000 -Scar H/Scar L -G11 -STG 44 -IWI Tavor -QBZ 97/95 -Sar 21 -M1 Garand -MG08 15 these are all I can think of, but I want guns to add variety and competition.