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  1. A dad is explaining how things are to his son, “I think it’s time you knew, Greg. You know the Easter Bunny, Santa, and the Tooth Fairy? That’s always been me.” His son replies, “That’s OK, daddy, I’ve known for a long time now that all these fairy creatures were really you. Except for the stork, right? That was uncle Ron?”
  2. Then I will retract my statement. I was not completely sure how trial staff was held however a lot of people Ive seen just get permabanned for even accidental rdm or crossfire
  3. but there is actually a mute button, if you dont like something someone says then you dont have to listen when you have mute, why ruin the chat with stupid filters when someone can still say nasty stuff with a mic. it doesnt do a whole lot and it can be an inconvenience but I do see your point
  4. Moat has been a driving factor in why I play so much Gmod. The community is solid, sure they can be toxic at times but they mostly are still friendly. I started back in 2019 during March. Sure I haven't been playing for an extremely long time like some others but Moat has changed so much in even 1 year. I feel most are negative and in recent months have made me think about quitting moat but I still want to play. I want to have an enjoyable experience and get excited when I drop cosmics when it happens. How ever there are a few problems that have been driving me crazy. 1. Language Filter- The language filter that was added was a very bad decision. I can see the intent to block toxicity however it does more harm than good. Sometimes im just typing in chat and interacting when my message gets filtered and pumps out complete nonsens. When I was talking about the assassin talent it completely filtered the message. Ive said stuff about selling and blocked me and I have even said, "wts" and filtered that too, what the ♥♥♥♥ kind of censorship is that ? I understand on discord where bad words aren't allowed however in the core game where it is about killing terrorist and trying to kill the traitor, this has no sense of being in the game. Most of us aren't 13 and getting language filtered is quite annoying 2. Staff- I am not talking about staff members like the admins or the "hype bosses" I am talking about the ones who moderate the server like moderators and trial staff. The main problem with staff is their trigger finger with bans, Ive seen so many users been banned for the dumbest reasons lately. This wouldn't be as bad if it was a temporary ban like an hour or 2, we are talking about PERMANENT. People have been perma banned wrongfully. The staff don't even give a chance for the banned person do defend themselves. The people that report are what seems to be newer players. For example look how many appeals there are on this site. There are so many and I know there aren't that many people being toxic and deserving of bans. However in helpcounter on discord there are so many people calling for staff are going without replies. I could be wrong on everything here and if someone could tell me that I am wrong I will appreciate it. 3. Cole's Decisions- Let me explain this one. Cole is trying to make weird decisions of the servers. Obviously I DO NOT think hes a bad guy for this however its effecting everyone. With the wipes that happened I feel they were more justified and I was happy when he decided a rollback. But now things are different. Cole says he is trying to comp everyones inventories to pre-wipe status. I got so hyped when I heard this so I got on then....1 Skeleton king model...Thats it... No planetaries. No cosmics. No ic. I had 2 mil ic prewipe and didn't see 1 ic back. I was confused and I heard that was also happening to others so I waited. And waited. nothing... 2 weeks has passed since Cole promised inventories back and now theres a !comp command in game. I thought surely someone was going to get their stuff back now and many filled a comp tickets. Now a few days has passed and I never heard on 1 person getting their items back from !comp. I could be wrong however when I asked it seemed no one has responded. However only a few days has passed so I will be patient with the !comp command for now. 4.Lack of communication- This is one of the main problems I have with Cole actually. Hes not a bad guy but He doesn't talk to his community as much as he should. I know I know he crated a post stating the plans of moat. However this doesn't explain our inventories not getting stuff like we should. and does not explain what he plans for the actual future of moat. Like a few months in the future. His plans for moat explains roles hes adding in, Fixing the "fake rolls" in the inventory, and hey free hoodie for staff am I right guys? To me these are not plans because they do not effect how he improves the game or lays in stone what he wants to work on. In fact most of the time we have no idea in ♥♥♥♥ what he is working on and we have no clue when things are releasing or what is being released. On another note I personally do not believe that Cole is talking to admins. When someone asks when is <new thing here> is being released the staff usually replies with "Its being worked on" or "just be patient" we just want to know what is happening with the server so PLEASE Cole please talk to us, we just want to know. I have a few more criticisms about the server but I think these are the most relevant and ones I wanted to talk about. If you disagree tell me why and if i'm wrong please don't be disrespectful about it. Its not that i'm weak it just respect. Tell me why I am wrong or why you disagree. You guys gave me so many memories on this server and I am glad for the interactions I have had on here. This community is what make Moat, Moat. I think everyone deserves the best. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  5. Well, I’m poor and don’t even have an ascended, guess I can try my luck in this giveaway, however it is sad to see someone else go, the community is what makes moat, moat. I hope you have a fantastic life if I don’t see you again, take care my guy.
  6. yeah I agree, we aren't seeing much happen with comps, but it has been 1 day however so I am going to give it some time. However saying this, I wish we got some form of updates instead of vague answers like, "its being worked on." like we are in the dark so how do we even know its being worked on we do not know the process, I just want my important items back and my 2 mil
  7. Ill participate in giveaway discord is John Lemon#7580 and my in game name is John Lemon if you need that
  8. well I recieved my skeleton king model and a huge, thats it, Ive been playing for a year but havent gotten anything else from any area, not even one of my 10+ cosmics i unboxed. its all dumb
  9. well my experience is ruined because I lost my planets and cosmics, this revert gave me a whopping 2 items, I know I have so much more, wheres the rest of my items
  10. I would fix the inv of everyone who didnt get items pre wipe first tbh
  11. this is cool and all, however I am missing so many items I cant even figure out what Im still missing, However I still dont have my T0 sterling, Immortal PK, Cosmic P228, Trepaci, ♥♥♥ Flak, BBF, Energizing AK, Joule, all of my 4 bootifuls, and others. I dont know what the plan is but if I dont get my stuff back like this post said Idk what ill do because this destroys my motivation to play.
  12. So after this "reset" I have gotten my skeleton king model and my military grade HUGE back, however I am missing a lot of items, Ive only recieved 2 items. i am missing like, Cosmic santa model, Bbf, Planetary Flak 28 &planetary t0 Sterling and my trepaci as well as some other Items like my rightous p228, i may be missing but remembering. What I know Im missing: -BBF -T0 Sterling -Flak-28 (missing screenshots for)(Edit: found a pic) -Rightous P228 -Santa Model -Trepaci -Immortal Peacekeeper (have picture of me holding it but no stats are shown) -Joule(no pic, Im sorry) -Energizing AK47(no pic, im sorry)
  13. Your Name: John Lemon Your Steam ID: 76561198880387198 Which server where you banned on?: TTT 24/7 Minecraft #2 Staff Member that Banned You: There was no staff that banned me Ban Reason: it says Item Exploiting Ban Length: Permanent Did you break any rules?: No What Happened: The roll back was just now and I got onto a server, then when I played a few rounds of ttt the server banned me. (i do not see a need to check If i regret it when I did nothing)(i also do not see a point to check promise to break rules but did anyways) Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: No Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
  14. 1. Stg-44, we already have an mp40 why not have the Stg? expand on the WW2 weapons. 2. Taurus Judge. I think that the Flak is a very unique weapon and with the right stats and talents it can be pretty good. I think the Taurus Judge would make a nice competetor and ads another shotgun pistol to the game. 3. FN 2000. With the limited number of bullpups in the game I believe the FN 2000 would make a nice addition to this family like the famas and the Aug. 4. Stoner 63. With all of the weapons the Stoner 63 would make a nice addition to either the AR class or could be a top fed LMG that could compete with the HUGE. 5. Kel-Tec KSG. Shotguns in TTT i feel are bad and even the SL0G. A true slug shot shotgun should be made and I feel it would be interesting in adding the KSG to compete with the SL0G and make it so there is another option for a shotgun I dont know if any of these will be liked but I feel there needs to be new weapons to give more overall options for players and make players want the guns to try them out and see how they fit in the meta.
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