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  1. User"user_name_here53"(STEAM_0:1:6087444) Will be banned for 2 days (Purp RDM & leave)
  2. The reported player was given 24 hours to comment on this post but failed to do so, In result we shall use the evidence provided to decide the outcome.
  3. Staff weren't called by sadbox (STEAM_0:0:125627544) They were warned after this votekick so they will recive no futher punishment at this time. Futher abuse will lead to their VK perms being revoked.
  4. User "Brendas (STEAM_0:1:59815064)" will be warned for vote kick abuse and banned for 1 day (Purp RDM)
  5. User "conconking2(STEAM_0:1:419181249) Will be banned for 1 day, for Purp RDM 1st Offence
  6. After talking to the reported player, I don't have any way to prove that this was a purposeful RDM Locked and Archived
  7. spinzlerr has agreed to give you the 350k ic, please contact him on discord to arrange the tradeback. shroomy#9778 (his discord)
  8. User"trASH_CaN_moat.gg"(STEAM_0:0:505740293) Will be given 1 slay for RDM of sus
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