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  1. The questions asked in the interview are already invasive enough as it is - no way you can expect kids to produce legal documents showing their age.
  2. Your Discord Name: Sludge#0001 Staff Member That Banned You: wildmonkei Ban Reason: boredom What Happened: did a bad Did you break any rules?: No Witnesses: Do you regret doing what you did?: No Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: No
  3. No attempt to contact me has been made. Denied
  4. Based on the evidence available, I'm not convinced or satisfied that there was intent to break the rules or any intention to mass RDM. Approved
  5. You were banned for purp RDM at 6:50pm UTC on 9th December. Then 61 minutes you tried joining on an alt that was subsequently perma banned. 7 days later, you then tried rejoining on the account that was originally banned and as expected it was also perma banned. Denied
  6. You were spam throwing explosive weapons and killed numerous people. You also threw discombobulators on a map that has a large open area that usually entails certain death from fall damage. Denied
  7. Ban has been served. FYI, killing a guy one second in to the round with the reason "Greifing and trolling =kill" is not really acceptable.
  8. You were banned because you failed to pay back a 75,000IC loan despite numerous efforts from the player and staff to get in contact with you. Failure to repay loans is treated as scamming and therefore a permanent ban. Denied
  9. You were banned for spamming incoherent gibberish on the Discord despite being asked to stop by an admin.
  10. You have already been denied in the past regarding alt evasion. Alt evasion is a permanent ban. Denied
  11. You shot and killed a detective at 00:00 into the round, as an innocent. Denied
  12. You were muted for 12 hours for spamming the bot. It had been explained to you that the main reason was because of the spam part. Why you'd then start spamming with emojis instead and think it's not spam is beyond me. Denied
  13. You walked up to three AFK players less than a minute in to the round. You one shot them with you secondary without care of the consequences. Denied
  14. You randomly shot and killed several people within the first 20~ seconds of the round on more than one occasion. Denied
  15. You purposefully RDM'd someone, it was your third offence for purp RDM and so banned for 7 days. You then messaged the admin handling the ban and told him you left almost immediately. The admin handling it then updated the ban to two weeks after applying the x2 for leave. Denied
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