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  1. rend is good pickle rick is good selector switch is completely broken on certain guns, and probably cause a ton of argument/work to figure out what it should be disabled on, etc. gory mess sounds annoying. maybe just slow their movement speed a lot, and if the proc chance was really low. hawk eye sounds interesting, but personally i wouldnt like more useless talents. juggernaut sounds interesting, may need a small rework on the numbers but an interesting concept. precision just sounds like another situational and useless talent. even if you were to increase the damage buff, a lot of people still wouldnt probably like as movement is a huge factor in gameplay. protection is just a fortification rework? whats the point of making a brand new talent when we should just rework the current one. which is needed. slight of hand could be really nice as a t1 or t2. except if it activated every single reload and it was maybe like 30-50% faster reload. beyond the grave sounds cool af. maybe rename it to martyrdom or something and change the damage range from 15-35. scavenger is just vulture but more useless... infact vulture was actually named scavenger before moat changed it. theres already the reload feature so this is useless. armor sounds pretty overpowered and less of a talent and more of a powerup. a talent is a function based around the gun that would buff the player or the gun itself. press the attack just seems like a reworked provident? seems weird to add another bad talent. :( stockpile seems to look like a reworked steroids, but is more interesting. 5% however is slightly overpowered for a damage buff that can last until the end of the round. maybe if the stat range was reworked to 2-4%. ice ray just seems like frost? i can see why you'd want to slow everyone with a t1 talent but it would be fairly broken since you would be able to get ice ray on worn weapons. keeping the frost talent on ascended and above tiers was a good idea since its a 3rd tier talent. other than that, i'd say we should just keep frost since it's already a great talent. victory rush sounds interesting. but i'd say its completely situational, as it can be incredibly useful on high population servers and near useless on lower population servers. i can see some people enjoying this talent and some people hating getting this talent. also i'd rework the amount of health obtained. execution seems really useless. most of the good melees can do 20-25 damage already. also if someone was that low, i'd rather use my primary or secondary to kill them. im not sure in what situation you would have to go melee only. this just seems like a useless melee-only talent. consistency sounds really broken and kind of strange and pointless. it seems like a combination of the PEW talent and focus/brutal/steroids, but it doesnt really work. hax sounds kind of fun, a monitor though? a monitor might be too big of an object and might lag servers or something lol. reviving has been suggested in the past, and i think its been ignored. also i'd prefer to keep it that way personally. again this feels like something that should be a t/d weapon or a powerup, but not a talent.
  2. to be honest the only good one is misfortune... smite is just a combo of tesla and phoenix and well rounded just seems too overpowered
  3. Okay well I think there are two important points that should be mentioned as to why this is a really bad idea: Crouch jumping is already natural for a good majority of Garry's Mod players. It'd be very strange for newer players to see why a function, that is widely known and used across the game, to be suddenly punishable/warnable by one of the biggest TTT servers on Garry's Mod. It'd rather be easier for this "exploit" to be fixed by Devs, rather than implementing a rule causing trouble for both the player base and the staff team.
  4. i did do a guide on all the base weapons lol, and thanks for liking it❤️ https://moat.gg/community/topic/49865-guide-event-the-base-weapon-guide/
  5. msbs isnt a unique weapon, its a base weapon.
  6. This is a guide on all the Titan Edition, and Unique weapons on Moat TTT. All the visuals for this guide were made by me, if you'd like to use them for any reason at all, please send me a private message to me through the Moat forums. All the weapons are sorted alphabetically, and the guide is split into two sections: The Primaries & The Secondaries You may also press "CTRL + F" and search for certain weapons if that's what you need. This is a second part, and completion of my original Base Weapons Guide, due to the list of weapons on Moat TTT being too long for one post. I hope you enjoy however, as I did spent a lot of time on this guide. 🙂❤️💞 -sincerely, luv. Titan Edition weapons, or Titans for short, are versions of weapons that drop from the Titan Crate. They can also drop in certain event based collections, such as the Halloween Collection, the Independence Collection, etc. The rest of the weapons that aren't Titan Edition are Unique weapons. They can be from anything like one of the main collections in the Market, or from certain Events. These all differ from base weapons due to them possibly having different stat ranges, unique names, etc. Each weapon has its own "Unique Version." Which can have a special name, and possibly certain stats ranges, talents, etc. Unique Version: Akaline Killer (Cosmic) The AK47 TE. A really nice primary, and desired by a lot of players. Unique Version: The Master (Ascended) The Auriel Bow. It can only drop as The Master, and is the mid tier level of bows. It is a decent bow itself since it can 1 tap to the body already. Unique Version: Blastinati (High-End) The Benelli TE. Overall it isn't that great, and isn't really sought after by most players. Unique Version: The Apprentice (High-End) The Bonemold Bow. It can only drop as The Apprentice and is the lowest tier in the series of bows. Isn't that great since it doesn't naturally 1 tap to the body, but is still okay. Unique Version: Cheng Feng (Ascended) The CF05. A really nice SMG primary. Overall is just fun to use, and most players like it. Unique Versions: The Hand (Cosmic), and Rudolph (Cosmic) The Daedric Bow. The highest tier of bows. When dropped as the Rudolph, it will always have the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ LLS talent. Overall it is a good bow, but not as desired as most players don't like bows. Unique Versions: H.U.G.E. Lovers (Specialized), and Dual H.U.G.E.-249s (Extinct) The Dual HUGEs, or rather Dual H.U.G.E.-249s. Its an okay primary, but depending on the talents it can be quite overpowered. Take for example one of the projectile launching talents such as RICK ROSS, and it becomes a killing machine due to its high RPM and large magazine. Unique Version: M16 Lovers (Ascended) The Dual M16s. A fun primary to use, and one of the better Dual weapons. Unique Versions: MAC10 Lovers (Ascended), and Dual Mac10s (Extinct) The Dual Mac10s. Definitely one of the better Dual weapons, because of its high RPM and DMG. Unique Version: Rifle Lovers (Ascended) The Dual Rifles. Overall they're really not that great at all, because of their low RPM and bad damage. Unique Version: SG550 Lovers (High-End) The Dual SG550s. A decent primary. Nothing else to really say about it. Unique Version: Shotgun Lovers (Cosmic) The Dual Shotguns. A decent primary, but mostly will drop with a large weight stat that lowers a player's movement speed. Unique Version: TMP Lovers (Ascended), and Dual TMPs (Extinct) The Dual TMPs. Not as great as the other Dual weapons, but is still an overall fun weapon to use. Unique Versions: UMP Lovers (Cosmic), and Dual UMPs (Extinct) The Dual UMPs. A really fun primary. Can become a killing machine, and is just great in general. Unique Version: Jungle Tap (Ascended) The FAL. A decent assault rifle that has potential to be amazing. Not much else to say about it. Unique Version: Frenchi (Superior) The Famas TE. A really nice primary. Its high RPM can really make it a killing machine, and its just great overall. Unique Versions: Obicanobi (High-End), Annhilator (Ascended), and Dasher (Ascended) The G36C. A good weapon, especially because its DMG stat can allow it to 3 tap to the body to players. Unique Versions: M4ALover (High-End), M4AFan (Ascended), and M4APartner (Cosmic) The Crimson M4A1. One of the top tier weapons in the game. It's similar to its counterpart from the Titan Crate, except this one has lower damage and slightly higher RPM. Unique Versions: Beastmode (Cosmic) The Titan M4A1. One of the best weapons in the game, and is definitely a weapon that players would love. Similar to its counterpart from the Crimson Crate, except that this one has higher damage, but slightly less RPM. Unique Version: Camoldaci (Superior) The M14A1. A somewhat overlooked weapon. However one of the best features about it is that it has a ridiculous headshot multiplier, and can 1 tap terrorists to the head. Definitely a great weapon if it were to have a high RPM, and good headshot damage. Unique Version: Deadeye (Ascended) The M24. One of the more sought after snipers. It is incredible with talents such as Focus and BOOM, which can make the M24 1 tap to the body depending on the stats. Unique Version: Goonstar (High-End), and Jelly Parade (Cosmic) The Mac10 TE. It is okay, but isn't as desirable as other SMG primaries however. Unique Version: Counterpart (Superior) The MP5 TE. A decent SMG primary. Nothing else to really say about it. Unique Version: MachitoP5 (Cosmic) The MP5G. An amazing SMG primary. Its main highlight is its headshot multiplier, which can allow it to 2 tap to the head with good damage. It is just great overall as well due to its large magazine. Unique Version: Brain Stain (Ascended), and Joule Newell (Planetary) The MP40. A unique weapon that can only be obtained under two names, and was first introduced in Summer 2019. It drops with the Paintba lls talent on the Brain Stain, and with PEW on the Joule Newell (which can only be found today as an Extinct tier weapon, but was originally a Planetary.) Unique Version: Alien Poo90 (Specialized), Space90 (Superior), Easter90 (Extinct) The RCP-120. Not that great of a primary, but is okay at the Extinct tier. But overall it's not as greatly desired. Unique Version: Warriochi (Planetary) The Sako. Definitely a desired primary, as it is very fun to use, and can be a really good killing machine. Unique Versions: Deadshot (Ascended), Energizing Deadshot (Ascended) The SG550. A good primary that is liked by some players. Not as desirable as other snipers, but it's decent. Unique Version: Heavina (Superior) The SG550 TE. A decent primary with its potential to 4 tapping to the body, and its okay RPM. Unique Version: Astronado (Planetary) The SR25. One of the higher RPM snipers that can still be very fun to use. Overall a great weapon when paired with the right sniper talents. Unique Version: Trepaco (Cosmic) The Sterling. An extremely nice gun, and is also the counterpart to the Sterling Silver, which has identical DMG, RPM, and MAG stats. Unique Version: Trepaci (Cosmic) The Sterling Silver. A near identical copy of the Sterling, and also makes a different sound. A really nice weapon that a lot of people like. Unique Versions: The Patriot (High-End), The Nationalist (Extinct) The Patriot. An okay primary, but is greater at the higher rarity such as when its as the Extinct tier. Unique Versions: Akimbonators (Specialized), Akimbonitos (High-End) The Akimbos. An overall overlooked secondary, since it can only drop under two rarities. Its an okay secondary, but not that great to most players. Unique Version: Beratappo (Superior) The Beretta M9. Probably the least, or one of the least, desirable secondaries in the game. Unique Version: Slypinu (High-End) The Beretta M9S. An exact copy of its original regarding stats, but it has a silencer. Even then this secondary isn't really desirable at all for most players. Unique Versions: Big Deal (High-End), and Bonds Best Peep (Cosmic) The Deagle TE. One of the less sought after Deagles, but is still a fun secondary overall. Unique Version: The Deliverer (High-End) The Deliverer. A weapon that isn't really good overall. Isn't really sought after either. Unique Version: Bonds Double Friends (Ascended) The Double Silencers. A nice backup secondary that some players like. Unique Version: Deagle Lovers (Cosmic) The Dual Deagles. A decent secondary that isn't greatly sought after, but is still great. Unique Versions: Glock Lovers (High-End), and Dual Glocks (Extinct) The Dual Glocks. A quite infamous secondary. Many people use them due to the fact that they are quite overpowered for a secondary that it can even sometimes out gun good primaries. Many people also request that they be nerfed, at the time of this guide aswell. Unique Version: Pistol Lovers (Superior) The Dual Pistols. Not really liked at all by most players due to its low RPM. Unique Version: Policia (Ascended) The Glock TE. A nice secondary if paired with a talent such as Trigger, but overall is okay. Unique Version: Bonds Worst Friend (Cosmic) The Golden 0.357. Definitely a sought after secondary for most. A highly accurate killing machine. Unique Version: Bonds Best Friend (Cosmic) The Golden Deagle. Used to be used in a Wacky Round where everyone was given a Golden Deagle, but that feature was removed a while ago. A highly sought after weapon. Unique Versions: Ecopati (Superior), and Hippity Hoppity (Extinct) The Crimson M1911. Like the M4A1s, the M1911s have two different versions. This one being from the Crimson Crate. Not as desirable as its counterpart in the Titan Crate. Unique Version: Ectopati (High-End) The Titan M1911. Like the M4A1s, the M1911s have two different versions. This one being from the Titan Crate. A decent secondary since it can 1 tap headshot most times, since it has a higher headshot multiplier. Unique Versions: Zapper (Ascended), and Nintendo Switchpa (Cosmic) The NES Zapper. Makes a glitch-like sound when shot. A decent secondary. Unique Version: Sharpisto (Ascended) The OTS-33. A great secondary if paired with the talent Brutal as it then can 1 tap head to players. Unique Version: Raginator (High-End) The Raging Bull. A great secondary if you enjoy revolvers alike. This one being especially satisfying to use. Unique Version: Semi-Glock-17 (Superior) The Semi-Auto Glock. An overall overlooked secondary, due to it being only obtainable as one unique item. Not really that great, and is just there. Unique Versions: Stealthano (High-End), and La Vaux Gloss (Cosmic) The Stealthano. A fun secondary to use, and is alright. Unique Version: Easternator (Extinct) The Tac-45. A decent secondary, especially when paired with great talents. Can be desired by some if it has good talents.
  7. i mean this was how its like prewipe.... everyone has been used to permanent quad xp that posts like this are made lol. just get used to it. EDIT: apparently the xp system is messed up now, and not like how it was normally. my bad, i assumed it was a different situation...
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    idea of the week material +1 +rep thank you. blessed. 🙏
  9. go d bless garfield 🙏
  10. wow thank you s8n truly a blessed idea 🙏 +1 +rep thanks again bro
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