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  1. insufficient evidence. in the future please provide the damage logs so we can see what happened regarding who shot first
  2. @VAC Efron do you have the damage logs by any chance
  3. @8Bit Was there a staff member on at the time? Did you report him in game?
  4. @6LACK You do realise revenge RDM isn't allowed?
  5. unforunately without the video i can't get him for purp rdm. but he will be slain once instead for acc rdm. thanks for the report.
  6. OK, so at first I wasn't sure. But I guess if you have some fast reaction speeds then I can see it happening, but please in the future @Corrupted_Shadows be mindful of your surroundings.
  7. We need kpop end round songs
  8. @XetaRay Can you backup his statement? Was it accidental?
  9. STEAM_0:0:150025117 will be permanently banned for ghosting/mass rdm