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  1. Your In-Game Name: Ember Frost moat.gg Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:48941867 Which server where you banned on?: TTT Minecraft #1 Staff Member that Banned You: Arctic Freeze Ban Reason: Purp RDM (First Offense) Ban Length: 1 day Did you break any rules?: Yes What Happened: I was on dolls as a detective. I blinked to the bookshelves. While afk and my headphones still in. I heard shots from a certain direction. What happened was that I saw an un-id’d body near the middle of the map and PhantomVir climbing up the ladders near where the body was. By instinct I quickly shot him because I assumed he killed him. It wasn’t till after I killed him I realized my mistake of RDM of sus. When he reported me, I admit I lied on the report. But I lied in a sense that made me get in more trouble rather than less trouble. In my report I said “Accidental (Lowkey purp RDM). It’s cold in my room, I aimed at you, and my cold finger twitched and killed you before I could stop shooting”. This was at ~2am (Eastern). I was tired and should’ve A) waited for more evidence / probed PhantomVir to ID the body. And B) I should’ve been truthful in my report. I should’ve said: Accidental RDM / KOS off sound - saw an un-id’d body and heard shots so I assumed it was you.” If I was just truthful rather than playful, it would’ve have simply gotten me slain rather than banned. The death scene showed me just shooting at Phantom and with no other context it looks like Purp RDM, so naturally Arctic Freeze banned me for Purposeful RDM. Though if I just explained myself and been truthful, none of this would’ve happened. It’s my fault. This mistake cost me, and I will learn from it Witnesses: PhantomVir Arctic Freeze Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
  2. First cosmic unbox was a mp5g. It would make me feel better if they were buffed lol +1
  3. We already have the Springfield, the Tommy gun, the Sterling. Why do only the brits get the love huh, the Americans won the war too! M1 Garand (like an M14 but better lol), Browning Automatic Rifle (I'd imagine it to handle like a MSBS because of how powerful it is) ? Toss in some MGs in there too since we already have the H.U.G.E. like the browning 30cal (hand held lol) Add some russian stuff too, PPsh-41 (an unsilenced tmp? It needs a fast fire rate and large mag size for asthetics). DP-28 (mounted, and loaded!) Germans need some love too. MP40, (reskin the sterling and it's all good), Stg44 (reskin the m16 and it's all good), MG34 and MG42. (better HUGES lets go) Pistols too? Welrod! We have initially silenced rifles already (m24, vss). add a pistol (make it act like a deagle, it should 1 shot head) I understand that it will be hard to integrate all these guns since the gun pool as is is already large. I also realize that me saying 'just reskin gun x' isn't helping at all because we shouldn't just be adding different skins of different guns for the sake of adding them. To be honest, I just want more WW2 stuff since I'm a WW2 Nut Thanks for listening to my TED TALK
  4. I want my Dio and Jojo (Jonathan, Joseph, Kujo, Josuke) models too. I wanna be able to run around as big buff man (Make them ascended so my broke ♥♥♥ can afford them too plz)
  5. In-Game Name of Offender: Nation SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:1:106179459 Which server was this on?: TTT #6 Date of Incident: 04/20/2019 Report Reason: Scam (underpaid) What Happened: I unboxed a riptide skin. A friend says that he wants to see what it looks like on his gun. So we trade and I give it to him without taking IC since we both weren't sure of the price. I said, and we agreed, that he would go price check the skin and then he would pay me back the higher bracket of IC that it was price checked for. He goes off and price checks the riptide skin for 20-30k. I, being reluctant, go off to price check the skin for myself. I wanted to make sure I'm getting a fair deal by price checking and getting more opinions. I manage to get more price checks for 30-40k rather than his originally checked 20-30k. He offered to pay me 30k, I told him that it's valued at more, 40k, but I'll compromise and meet him in the middle for 35k, to which he also refuses to give. We both can not come to an understanding as he is reluctant to give me an extra 5k for the skin (which he has already traded away, thus can not give me the skin back), and I am reluctant to budge to a lower price since, as stated previously, I would like the upper bracket of what the Riptide skin was priced at, which was 30-40k. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: Newo moat.gg Witnesses: Newo Jax (moat.gg) Evidence: Screenshot of the trade between me and Nation. He received the Riptide skin while I did not receive anything in return. 4 price checks showing the Riptide skin is 30-40k Nation denying the fact that I managed to get the skin price checked for more than he wants to pay for Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
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