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  1. Why don't you just ask for a defibriator to be added so you can just be revived smh
  2. If this exits it would've been added smh, the thing is that anything that anything about TTT that haven't been discovered or exits before like this ideas someone need to code it and it would take allot of time, Cole is busy on the server currently duo to the amount of stuff that need to be fixes and updated first, but this idea would be cool to be added.
  3. In-Game Name of Offender cold1nhoo Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:72813587 Date of Incident 03/18/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Description Purposefully RDM twiced and first time were failed the seconds time were success, after that the player asking for forgiveness but i ignored them and after 1-2 round they started to votekicking me for other TTT violations which is false when idkn what had i done wrong when all i does were standing still and doing my T round like all my other T bud does. This persons also an MVP which is something that he should be revoked off from sinces he's not deserved to have the Titles MVP when he's clearly breaking the rules without a breathe, i demand his MVP seats being taken away and recieved an 1 Day ban for PurpRDM or longer if he had been striking before!!! Evidence Attachments
  4. It's up to Cole, if he want me deconned the gun sure i will do that because he had the right to tell me to do it.
  5. Well you can always make that on the suggestions sections, you can't just expecting him having all these work already on himself and Jerry trying to help a few but still had allot of stuff to do, remember more hands less work. You should make a suggestions and let him know about that, not a bad idea ofc.
  6. Well because you has born to hated me ? sinces my mother get bullied by your mother and i'm the next generations of her so i should be bullied because your mother genes is in you and basicly you born to bullied me ?
  7. Didn't you read that i already speak to Cole that i would not using the weapons as often as i am in the pass 5 days and it would eventually only be in the displaying sections anytime soon.
  8. Okay here's the thing, if moat want the item to be removed he can always do it and there's no need to ask him to do it sinces if he feel something is too broken then he will eventually removed himself to balancing the server but however in this cased someone get an weapons will be soon to be added and he can just always choose anybody to give it to ? and he can just simply nerf it when the next crates come out and containing the item drop chances inside.
  9. Well.... that is up to Cole if he want to explain sinces if i tried to explain it won't help the situations.
  10. Well idkn what wrong with you but *simp* is kinda agreesives word to describe someone is being silly or *stupid* but i don't think you should said that when the persons is trying their best to changed themself and still working on the community and updating more often than before as well, you should thanks to them instead of disgracing them because of some egirl got spawned weapons but not anybody else.
  11. Well like what i mentions in the game, the crates will eventually be added and contain the gun in it, it just someone have them first but not gonna lie it kinda unfair and i feel it and i agreed i did broke the rules but i still did help the community non of the less.
  12. Well that mean being a women mean you get gun but boy is not, so you trying to said that women don't have right to have spawned in gun lul also fact before wipe boy have spawned gun so idkn why don't you complaint this before wipe but now
  13. So you saying that Women aren't allowed to have spawned in item but boy does ?
  14. Well like what i said, i can always make a decisions of stop using it and just having as a display weapons and using other gun instead, nothing more and if because the gun too op and i should not use it 24/7 or every single round sure i'm fine with it and if you don't want me to use the weapons sure i don't even have a problem with it neither but came to removing the item it sound little bit sarcasim.
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