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  1. Your Discord Name: IamNotVerySpooky_#6919 Staff Member That Banned You: Agent A Ban Reason: Unsure What Happened: I don't know? This was about a month ago, and the only reason I even think I got banned by Agent A is because and Ex-player asked around for me. Basically, I don't know. Did you break any rules?: No Witnesses: Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
  2. It is just a bad made that promotes Mass-RDM and stalling, setting off C4 anywhere on the ship will trigger a series of explosions that will kill everyone on board, shooting a panel in a room will set off a series of explosions that kills everyone on board, and the only way to avoid these explosions is to go get on a little ship that flies you away from everyone else for a solid 5 minutes which inevitably stalls the round. The worst thing is people don't even see how blowing up everyone on board the ship is classed as mass-rdm. It's a bad map, with awful features, and shouldn't be on the server in my opinion.
  3. [In-Game Name of Offending Player][Complaint] Which server was this on?: 3 In-Game Name of Offending Player:BunkerLlamaMoDz Steam ID of Offending Player: STEAM_0:0:147304094 ETA (Estimated Time of Incident): 13:30 GMT Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: None. What Happened: The player in question RDMed 2 Traitors then bragged about it in chat. Witnesses: IcyMonarch STEAM_0:1:20317391 BananaBoatBoy STEAM_0:1:20458150 Evidence:
  4. [|MajorGamer|][Complaint] Which server was this on?: 3 In-Game Name of Offending Player: |MajorGamer| Steam ID of Offending Player: STEAM_0:0:215338115 ETA (Estimated Time of Incident): 13:20 - 01/06/18 Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No. What Happened: He was asking if anyone was selling cosmics. I said I had one, he told me to post it in chat, I said in a minute, he turned around said no, right now, and shot me with a shotgun. Witnesses: Frags STEAM_0:1:88751447 Evidence:
  5. My new years resolution is 1920x1080, it was 1360x768 last year, but I upgraded. Thanks for asking about my monitor moat!
  6. My new years resolution is to move out, and be happy.
  7. Your Steam Display Name: IamNotVeryFestive_Your In-Game Name: IamNotVeryFestive_Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:95878916Which server were you banned on?: TTT Server 2Staff Member That Banned You: ConsoleReason Banned: Item Duplication?How Long You Were Banned: 5255592What Happened: Bought a laugh taunt from Vortexiel, somehow 2 appeared in my inv, deconned one, and I got banned?Did You Break Any Rules: (Yes/No) NoWitnesses: No one specific due to the nature of the issue.
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