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  1. Xenophilius


    Just wipe its fucking retarded cant even handle a server properly
  2. go scam more people smh
  3. Xenophilius

    Stone talents

    Bring space, reality and power stone talents back as they were fun and there was no reason for deleting the from global talent pool also i really want another double ps gun
  4. Your Discord Name: [BSP] Xenophilius ҉🐸🐍🌼💳🥚🐢#4011 Staff Member That Banned You: Motato Ban Reason: "mean to the bean" "too toxic for this community" What Happened: So basically I was just chilling out in discord when moat decided to revive #dev-showcase and he posted a bit of inv pics and then I pinged moat with "decon thise worns" then after trying to badplace me, he banned me. https://pasteboard.co/IrV1yCQ.jpg https://pasteboard.co/IrV1ZUH.jpg https://pasteboard.co/IrV2gGm.png https://pasteboard.co/IrV2vhz.png Image proof^ Not all images are mine Did you break any rules?: No Witnesses: SUCC [D.A.N.K] [moat.gg] Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
  5. Am i getting a hat for accepted idea and if yes when Bruh
  6. even if mass unboxing would create an massive lag, i would rather open x crates at once in few seconds than click all of those x fat +1
  7. This was one of worst rounds Crab was worse tho Learn what was before
  8. Moat did it when i asked on discord, i guess thats it then, no need of feedback
  9. not being vip is a 🤡 +1 tho
  10. give us high rpm low dmg springfield and ill be happy
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