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  1. I like the idea, but chances are that would be useless. The feature would likely be overran in just a few days, making it near impossible to find anything you're looking for.
  2. I'm not very good with ideas or anything, but even I can see this would be way too overpowered. By having talent rerolls, people can gamble the talents in which make the gun worse to make it better, while also risking the good talents. Being able to just reroll the % of talents in general would break the market even more than it's broken now, and that's saying something. -1
  3. Tbh i added the projectile talent as a joke, and i fixed the other talent in a way that should be somewhat fair
  4. I fail to see how making things easier to sell would break the economy
  5. Everything is good in its own way We don't need another ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤ peacekeeper, no buffs / nerfs needed - Least not big ones
  6. That's funny. It is a joke right? Right?
  7. If you already have hundreds one more can't hurt
  8. Good idea, but it probably shouldnt be listed under the gamble tab, in my opinion it should get its own. Overall though, good idea. +1 also what kind of specialized sells for 1mil?
  9. WARNING: This idea is likely going to be very disliked, I'm just talking out of my ❤❤❤ here, so please don't be a ❤❤❤ when telling me to go ❤❤❤❤ myself. Birthday Gifts: Birthday gifts, a type of crate that would only be obtainable once yearly, and it and its drops would be untradeable/ Unable to be deconned. (Delete-able, but would give no ic) Crate requirements: Be lvl 50+ ingame. / Be level 10+ on disc. / Be registered on the moat discord. Crate Rarity: "Birthday" Rarity Visuals: Like Ascendeds, the birthday rarity would be bright yellow, but will have light radiating off it going in a circular motion as if it were a sun. Talent amount: 2-4 Upon opening the crate, a sound Party horn effect plays. There can be four variants of the crate, a Summer birthday present, A Spring birthday present, A autumn birthday present, and A winter birthday present. Each one having their own special weapons to boot. Once the requirements said before were met, you can register your birthday (UNCHANGEABLE) and on that day, you will get a item called a "Gift" upon opening, you will recieve 1-3 "Birthday Crates." These crates will all have the Birthday rarity, and therefore be un-deconable and un-tradeable. The mentioned below is a separate idea in which sort of comes with this package. Special Talent: Graceful Gift Talent Desc. : Shooting this gun has a __% (under 20 as max) to give shotten player __ - __ ic, and then deal a amount of damage = to that ic, cancelling the guns regular damage., all ic coming from the gun owner. I understand this weapon would probably be OP, but considering all the ❤❤❤❤ty events that have been seen so far, this seems like a nice little addition. AGAIN, I'm just talking out of my ❤❤❤, please don't be a ❤❤❤❤. Edit is because I seemingly wrote it wrong and it caused some confusion. Sorry about that.
  10. There's a new event moats doing that isint grindy as ❤❤❤❤?
  11. I personally would actually like another wipe. but that's prob just cause my ic hasnt hit the 7 digets because of the planetary glitch not helping me.
  12. Sold. msg me a server or hop on eu 4
  13. https://imgur.com/a/G7wOd0a Taking ic/wep offers. C/O: https://imgur.com/a/w2GTqx1 Going to keep this up for another hour
  14. Currently, the economy is horrid, with the planetarys that fail to end, and the rollback confusing everyone, this is what I personally believe would be best for moat, and before anyone sees it, no, I personally hate it, but when the thought crossed my mind I wanted to make a post about it. The idea in question: during the summer climb event, reset everything but levels. Halfway through the summer climb, have a vote in which can decide if players want to either keep the changes and leave the old ways behind, or keep what they've earned. If decided that the reset stays, then chances are that the economy will be ❤❤❤❤-ed for a while, but if left alone could simmer down. While if decided that the reset wasn't helpful, then people would reroll the rewards they got (i.e "random scorch weapon" you got a tmp, rerolled you get a new random wep) Please note that i myself dislike the idea, and chances are it would cause a good amount of problems, so please don't spam hate, It's just a simple idea that might help with the infinite planetary stat muts. Thanks for reading to the end
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