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  1. In-Game Name of Offender LUCK DUCKY Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:225150252 Date of Incident 02/06/2020 Report Type Scams, fraud, or illicit activity Your Discord ID XxWizBearxX#0024 Description This scum has been scamming people, so here's a solid reason to ban him and myself. Proof of oogt, if you need further proof you can DM me on discord Evidence Attachments
  2. Your In-Game Name: XxwizbearxX Your Steam ID: 76561198895020982 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #1 Staff Member that Banned You: itsyAcore | moat.gg Ban Reason: rdm Ban Length: 1 Day Did you break any rules?: Yes What Happened: I was ban for no reason. And if I rdm some one it was an accident. an I will not do it again Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
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