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  1. Just get a melee with dragon 4head and melee with feather 15% with max weight
  2. gei eboy missed again. soju#2751
  3. +1 helpful for new commers and maybe old ones coming back
  4. My 600k soon monkey? and sure u know it. soju#2751
  5. Replace tesla power with this Doom Slayer Replace iron man with this 2B
  6. In this current state it should be approved.
  7. Bring back dragons
  8. I would only approve this if we add zombies and vampires
  9. Vector would be brokennnnnnnnnn
  10. No TDL we must have every skin for every gun so everyone ca see what its like before applying skins
  11. Make it so we can see the paint or skin we desire to put on a gun since some of us want some skins but don't know what they look like also because some people are not to trusted when they say the words temp . Also to see it on different guns not just the singular gun because we might want some more.
  12. Awp should do 50 dmg and glock lovers should do 0 since they require no skill like most lovers
  13. If a mod agrees then yes no more models
  15. In-Game Name of Offender STEAM_0:1:44718415 Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:237169985 Date of Incident 22/3/20 Report Type Spamming Your Discord ID Description Player compliants don't take this serious its all about my opinions on the staff and team Evidence @Soezbeincheezy is a wonderful staff she is very kind and loves to help out community.She has helped everyone and she even plays games with people.Yes u have rdmd me in the pass but I don't mind since i've crossfired u a lot.Hit her up when u play DBD or Terreria she plays those games. @Zenotix Is a squirrel,is gae and loves to point out whats broken whats no't.Sometimes has good ideas and sometimes his clueless no offense.Loves to tryhard when I'm on mainly @Sparked Matty has ardmd me before but who cares its just 20 dmg and I wasn't T. @JPH is a very good person if you meet him in game,he has saved me from false bans but I think he retired.I wish him the best @wildmonkei ur AMERICAN. jk ik what you are.Has sent me a weird picture before and I don't wanna expose it @iu fan saw the clip of the drop of the sterling thats all I know from you and you were sometimes toxic to me :(. @Stabidy useful mod known him for a lot and has done all of the rdmers good when I'm on and get rdmd @Mr.Richard Just know you from Potato's server and ur mc server @Blabliblu former mod sweats a lot with his g36c @BestieJr SWEATY PK USER @Papa Bear u know Papa Bear he loves to flex @Maple noot noot pengy And all the other staff i don't know u that well or ur just toxic "At the end of the day,it isn't where I came from.Maybe home is somewhere I'm going and never had been before" Attachments
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