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  1. So, i'm sure someone other than me has had this happen, Someone is selling a uniquely named gun, you buy it thinking its a different type of gun, but it turns out its a different gun than what you thought. Maybe add a feature so that you could see the type of weapon, It could possibly go next to the Quality/grade the weapon in question is? With kind regards, Skyydragonn.
  2. So, I've kinda noticed the shoe is still quite funny... *I actually miss my old angry shoe* but I had a thought as I was playing Half-Life 2 earlier today, What if... We made a technical "Reskin" of the Angry Shoe? it would be called "The angry Can" or something like that, the main things that changed are, *When you right click it says the famous CP line "Pick up that can", or another line similar to it. *Its not a shoe but instead a blue >B can. Rarity: High-End or ascended *?* Description: "You, Pick up that can." Probably not a very good idea but oh well, at least i'm contributing to the community. I'm completely Open to suggestions on how to change it.