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  1. The healing is in one round not one map, despite what the challenge states. Any healing done in one round is not saved in the challenge or carried over to the next round. I've tried this multiple times.
  2. While playing this server for a few days, I noticed that some challenges are really unrealistic or buggy. The two that come to mind are "Health Station Addicted", and "Traitor Assassin". First, health station addicted makes absolutely no sense. Has anyone legitimately healed 180 damage in one round of TTT? That means healing from practically dead twice, without being instantly one shot by the next traitor that sees you. This challenge literally fosters meta-gaming, and every time I see it active, I see people trying to meta-game to finish the challenge. My suggestion is to change the challenge to something more attainable, and helpful to the round. Something like, "Use your health station to heal (120-180) health to innocents". Doesn't it make more sense to reward healing 2 people who have been damaged? The other challenge, Traitor Assassin seems buggy, and never seems to work. I can kill 3 traitors and be full health (no regen or healing) but I wont get any credit for the challenge. Maybe I'm just going crazy but hopefully someone else can confirm this challenge is slightly bugged.
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