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  1. i still have that eastertrooper model you wanted 😉
  2. Most of the current models in the game are rendered invisible to you when you use a taunt. This certainly isn't game breaking but makes the Play Dead Taunt harder to use and the appeal of taunts in general goes down. Not being able to see what your model is doing during a taunt is a huge drawback and I think it should be fixed.
  3. yeah lmao its not supposed to be able to kill anyone, just lower them to 1 health; but it doesnt and t buddies will die if they are in gas too long
  4. i agree with all of this, but coding it wouldn't be hard a simple while wait loop that does if level.value greater than = {level} otherwise not very good with lua but it is doable and very easy
  5. wish it did 10 damage a second. does like 5 damage a second and kills your t buddies.
  6. The gas grenade currently available in the T shop, sucks. It's pretty much an incendiary grenade with lower damage, higher range, and much easier to see. I think it should be moved from being a T weapon to a normal item. Maybe ascended as it provides some sort of cover like a Christmas smoke, but also does damage. I just think it needs to be a normal weapon or buffed, because it is one of the worst T items.
  7. I do see votekick abuse happening much more (not just vk 10 seconds after round ends smh) and many people getting falsely votekicked for accidental rdm. I personally think that votekicking should return to it's previous state where purposeful rdm was not votekickable, and the only RDM option was mass RDM. Also, I don't think there should be a day/week ban for votekick abuse. It seems very stupid for someone to get banned for 24 hours/a week because they falsely kicked/banned for 30 minutes, especially in cases where it wasn't even false votekick but they forgot to call staff or did it during the round.
  8. I've played on colorshapes and it is a very good map! Good luck!
  9. you can also jump into the back of the plane because there is no hitbox
  10. Currently we have rules saying traitors cannot delay, because a traitors goal is to kill everyone. We also have rules saying innos (including detectives) are allowed to delay. This makes sense as innocents goal is to survive. But detectives should not be allowed to delay. You have detectives camping detective rooms, spots traitors cannot get to, with traitors out of equipment. The traitors cannot do anything and every spectator is forced to wait 5 minutes for the round to end. A detective's goal is to kill all the traitors, which is why the spawn with a DNA scanner and have a shop to buy equipment to help them catch traitors.
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