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  1. So what you're saying is that the Moat system allows for the scammed to become the scammer? Seems legit.
  2. I would only think the issue with this would be animating such a thing with the rag doll of EVERY player model available. Obviously the base models might be easy, but some of the others could be more difficult if done from scratch. There are head explosion sweps in the workshop I remember trying out before with npc waves in sandbox though that was pretty optimized, so I think it’s doable. The next issue would just be to figure out just how much gore/blood is reasonable, as I don’t wanna sound like a prude, but some people might not be fans of excessive gore in such an instance (idgaf but others may)
  3. I remember on another server where if you threw an explosive and then held the knife, they were knife kills. This would probably be considered exploiting though. but yeah, lower the #
  4. Only if I get the first planetary spongbob model
  5. In-Game Name of Offender: Takizawa SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:1:95168471 Which server was this on?: TTT #1 Date of Incident: 07/11/2019 Report Reason: Massive Scam What Happened: At around midnight on TTT#1, a user named Takizawa sold me a Celebratory M16 nicknamed "counterterrorist" for 2200000 million IC. Afterwards, I was made aware that this was complete overpay and that I was absolutely scammed by multiple players in the lobby. The player then left with my IC. The next day, I found out Takizawa not only had temp'd the gun with its original owner, govector, who had told him it was temp in a trade and had given him 100k to be nice. This user then blocked and completely govector, taking not only his gun, but also his 100k on top of my 2.2m. So now I want a tradeback and so does Govector, but he is nowhere to be found and most likely will not come back. Thus we need major admin involvement. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: N/A Witnesses: govector Salt & Vi- Chips Zero Evidence: I have uploaded screenshots from both my trade logs and govector's at his discretion , along with our discord messages with one another. My discord name is different from my IGN and is thecandymancan. I just want my IC back ASAP as I HAVE THE M16 IN MY INVENTORY and I will be giving it back to govector for obvious reasons once the ic is returned. EDIT 1: I HAVE BEEN MADE AWARE THAT TAKIZAWA GAMBLED ALL OF THE IC AWAY IN A GAMBLE WITH @kumataro... so the mods will have to intervene there too. Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  6. This is a Christian server. How dare you promote such filth.
  7. YES. OR look at my community suggestion for a name package.
  8. Shouldn’t it be Luke Skywalker then since I think it’s his lightsaber? Young Obi wan > Luke Skywalker - unless its the episode six black robe model.
  9. So the current gift in the ic shop is 5k and it gives you a random item. It’s pretty boring and I seriously doubt it gets much use. I have a fix. A fun part to TF2 at least was there was an item that gives a person of your choice OR a random person on the server an item of your choosing, or a random item. They cost different amounts obviously, with one named mystery box and the other named empty package. I think making the item pool for the gift being literally every item would make it actually worthwhile at 5k, while the empty gift box could be a fun thing if priced around 500 ic
  10. Papa Bear can I buy some then? I’ve been trying to get some for DAYS.
  11. I imagine this has been suggested numerous times before, but I think I know why there is a limit. The inventory is saved server-side and loads slower with the more items you buy, so if you could just create the increment you want to purchase, an alpine could be entered that lags the server down or risks you losing items. It sounds easy, but I imagine there’s reason it isn’t implemented this far into development.
  12. I agree with you completely. The problem is that if they are currently priced at 15-20k in a stagnant economy, and considering the 1 cents for 1 SC equation, five nametags seemed fair. Honestly ten for $45 would be preferable and would be more effective at benefiting the community/economy, but I know the server $ partially helps Motato so it might be a bit “off” persay.
  13. Y’all are gonna criticize me for this, but I kinda want an original DOOM player model as an ascended first before we get the Doom Slayer as a cosmic. It could correlate with some type of week-long event where random boss rounds can happen on maps with players being given a DOOM antagonist model and associated powers, with there being DOOM related drops, namely the two player models and potentially a rebranded Holukis as the Super Shotgun or the BFG (rebranded nationalist with energizing). There are a lot of models and DOOM gun sweps on the market I remember playing with a few years back when I first got GMOD, so this is totally doable.
  14. There is one player in particular who was banned for Mass RDM a while back who I know was reported by someone who after hearing them out, wished to revoke the report, but it was out of their hands. The mods didn’t even want to ban him supposedly. I feel like there should be a way for a player who POSTED the report initially to reverse it in the eyes of the mods, or at least add leeway.
  15. So I’ve donated already a couple times to the servers, however I’m running into a constant problem: nametags. The supply ATM and for the past month or so seems to have been extremely depleted, to the point where overpay is seemingly necessary or pure luck in playing on a server where someone might have an extra happens coincidently. A good way to make the servers some money could be to just make a donor pack of nametags, similar to the Dola effect. Since the market value is ~15-20k, having a $40 package of 5 name mutators might help the market and stimulate the supply. Or even they could be added as a 30k item on the regular IC shop, but I doubt that will happen. I have too many guns I wanna name and this has to be remedied!
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