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  1. I know, I just think it would be really satisfying to mass ID at high speeds.
  2. I know this is very minor, but it is kind of annoying to me how the paintball talent is worded. If you get a negative damage paintball, you are not “increasing” your damage by -5%, it’s being changed or altered by -5%. Losing damage is not an increase, it’s a decrease. Have it say something like changed, altered, modified, multiplied. Just a few different words from the top of my head. As I said, this is not really important, but it just annoys me every time I see it.
  3. I feel like lining up a load of unIDed bodies, walking forward, holding down E and then looking at the top right of my screen. +1
  4. These are two completely different guns. The AK47 and AN-94 are just not the same. I would definitely be down for an AN-94 to be added, but just not as described here. As the gun itself is a 2 round burst at 1800 RPM (idk if the burst is a thing in the GMod version) it would need a substantial damage difference from the AK, but it would be amazing to see the AK’s more accurate cousin added into the game as maybe a base gun. Btw I do think that if it does get added, there should be an AN TE that’s called the Akaline neutraliser. That could definitely be a thing.
  5. The first one sounds like *click* with extra steps, the second one sounds like Boston basher with extra steps. These don’t really sound like they’d add that much to the game, or really work well gameplay wise.
  6. Jump on the desk or equip a froghopper. I guess you could even report for trolling if you really want to. Maybe the devs could even redo the spawns like they did on grovestreet. But airbus is a good map in its own way and I don’t really think it deserves to be removed.
  7. I don’t really think we need people going around with god RPM. If this was an ascended power up, it would just make the best/richest players more OP. I know other power ups are pretty OP, but we don’t need people going around with 105% RPM karitachus and 75% RPM planetary deagles. It’s just a bit too much.
  8. Provident has a 20% chance to do 15-25% more Power Stone has a 1-5% chance to do double damage I think these two are alright as it is, we don't need another one.
  9. So you wanna program some props to fly out at the player or so you just wanna stick with an AOE? It seems a bit unnecessary to have actual shrapnel.
  10. Dynamite or Babynade, or even pick up a TNT from the floor.
  11. I’m sorry if any of these have already been suggested, but I do not fancy looking through 20 pages of talents to refine this post. Without further ado, here we go: Destabilised [Tier 3] Each hit has a (3-8)% chance to deal no damage, but force the victim to shoot randomly for (10-20) seconds. Could also add an effect where the screen has an effect, shakes a bit, maybe like a taser. High Noon [Tier 1] Draw speed is increased by (25-50)% Quick Clip [Tier 1] Reload speed is increased by (20-40)% We have the reload and draw stats, and a talent for every other stat (kind of dmg, but definitely weight, accuracy, etc) so why can’t we add these rarer stats to the mix? I’d personally love to see a quick clip/extended mag HUGE or MP5G. Killer Kick [Tier 3] Each bullet has a (10-25)% chance to push you in the opposite direction of your bullet at (3-10)x force. Why do we need Bostons to have jetpacks? This is inspired heavily by dborn mixed with Boston basher, and could definitely have its ups and downs. It wouldn’t be easy to stop fall damage with though as the chance is too low, and the force usually isn’t strong enough to combat the game’s gravity. Tactical Explosives [Tier 1 OR 3] Each shot has a (5-15)% chance to instead launch a grenade dealing (20-40)% extra damage with a fuse time of (0.4-2) seconds and a (2-4) feet area of effect Could be used as a meme/extinct/event weapon talent (and therefore T1) or on the other hand has the capability to be a T3 because of how they generally work. This talent could lead to some really interesting kills and plays, possibly beyond the grave. However, could lead to accidental RDM in some cases. Untraceable [Tier 2] When killing with this weapon, you have a (25-60)% chance to destroy any DNA sample on the body. Could make traitors less prone to DNA detection while not really impacting innocents. Like a more tame, higher chance “Assassin” that’s different, but follows the same concept. Pickpocket [Tier 2] Every second of firing your gun, it has a (10-25)% chance to steal the victim’s current weapon’s talents and stats to be added to your own gun when within (5-15) feet of the target. Stats based off of a mix of explosive and close quarters. Doesn’t completely win the fight, doesn’t proc too often, can’t be relied on heavily. However, effective when working. As an example, your beloved Dancer gets turned to a mere 4 tap M16, or your beloved Bond’s Best Friend loses it’s one shot explosive capabilities and your lightweight/-40% fists turned into a useless waste of space. A bit like copycat but much less stealing going on. I Spy [Tier 2] When hit with this weapon, you have a (5-20)% chance to have a temporary camera put on you lasting (10-25) seconds. Maybe these stats are too high, but the general idea is there for this talent. You get to have an RSB-like view of your victim in case they escape. It’s like a more tactical “mark” as you can’t see exactly where they are, but instead deduce it yourself. Double Drum [Tier 2] For each bullet reloaded, the gun has a (0.25-1.5)% chance to load double the usual magazine size. Can’t be exploited easily due to it being per bullet, higher chance for every bullet shot. Could actually make TMPs good for once, while also helping large mag guns like HUGEs which often get called out for being rubbish. Concentration [Tier 1] Damage is increased by (5-10)% while aiming down sights with this gun. Possibly be the difference for guns such as MSBS, but for a sacrifice. Maybe a less sought after talent, but can have its uses. Unstable [Tier 1] Each shot has a (0.5-2)% chance to destroy your gun, but will deal (10-20)% more damage. Meme/extinct/event talent like click and Boston Basher. High risk, high reward. Russian Roulette [Tier 1] You only have a (15-20)% chance to fire a bullet when you shoot but your gun’s RPM is increased by 600%. Not firing a bullet does not use up a bullet from your magazine. Another great meme weapon. Could turn your XM into a holukis, could turn it into a slowihux. It all depends on how Lady Luck is feeling when you use your left mouse button. Fail-safe [Tier 3] If you miss a bullet within 2 feet of a person, you have a (15-30)% chance to damage them for (25-75)% of the gun’s original damage. I was thinking about homing pidgeons and long story short homing bullets. May work well, may be a catastrophic pile of reports and RDM, who knows? To finish off this long talent suggestion, I want to say that of course these talents can have stats changed and numbers altered but the general idea behind each one is there.
  12. This is just gonna ruin the gun even more. Reduce the kick, not nerf the RPM. On the other hand, the kick is fine how it is. Really a sort of problem as there is no obvious way to make it better.
  13. Step 1) put on your 4.XX credit hoarder Step 2) plant 7 different C4s around the map with timer coordination Step 3) wait out the last 45s Step 4) Jamsy [moat.gg] researched explosives (yada yada yada) 10 test subjects helped out. Step 5) Repeat next round, finish all your explosion dailies and credit dailies in 10 minutes Yeah, there really needs to be a limit
  14. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again You need 7500 xp per day for the whole event to get tier 100, perfect for players who are willing to grind You need a third of that, 2500 xp a day, to get the energizing AK. That’s only 5000xp in half the time, which totals maybe all grey dailies and 2 pink dailies (and that’s without factoring in any kills needed). That is perfect for a more casual player that just goes on the server often. You don’t need to be a god at the game to get rewarded. Do your dailies, get some kills. People have always try harder on the server whether it’s because of contracts, dailies or other things. It’s just how it works, and this is no different.