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  1. No lol, it's useless information so I thought it would fit perfectly with the rest of the junk on the forums.
  2. As you all have probably seen, over the last two months, I've been uploading Moat related YouTube videos and posting them on the forums each time. Since I'm no longer making Moat related content, I want to give you all a look into the ❤❤❤❤ytics of my channel to see how it's been affected. Daily Views by Video As you can see, each upload gets me a spike in viewership. The two most noticeable spikes are the dark green (second) and the yellow (last). The dark green is the Kosovos map secret video that no-one cared about, and the last is my latest video which was uploaded after the servers were blacklisted. So, it's all as you'd expect it to be. Watch Time From Subscribers None of you are subscribed lol. I may have been able to farm views, but definitely not subs. Traffic Source Types The first screenshot here is my Tryhard's Paradise video. The second is my Crate Opening video. The third is my most viewed non-moat video. What can we take away from this? Well, 35% of the views on Tryhard's Paradise were from the youtube search when people were looking for content. However, the youtube search percentage has gone down enough to not even be shown on the Crate Opening video. This indicates that people aren't looking for Moat Content anymore. It's no secret that the server blacklist has affected the server's player count, so these two are probably related. A second noticeable statistic in the three screenshots is the Channel Pages percentage, which is the majority of the traffic for my non-moat video. It was one of the last videos I posted before I started Moat content, so I can happily assume that people who saw my Moat video looked through my channel for other things and clicked on whatever they saw. This makes perfect sense since it got less views before I posted Tryhards Paradise than after. This is seen on this graph which shows the views on the non-moat video A final noticeable part of the traffic source is the percentage of external traffic on the two Moat videos. It's literally all just from the Moat.gg website, what did you expect? Traffic Source: Youtube search The first is my Youtube search traffic on Tryhard's Paradise. The second is my Youtube search traffic in the last 28 days. Firstly, who searched Paradise Montage, and how has that lead to someone finding the video? Secondly, it's all just Moat.gg. All the views are from Moat. Youtube Tags These are the youtube tags on Tryhard's Paradise. The plan behind the tags was to look up "Moat Gaming", see which channels appear, and then put them in my tags. Is it something to be proud of? No. Did it get me any views? No. Was it worth the attempt? Probably not. This brings me nicely back to the fact that "paradise montage" lead to my video. I don't understand it, but I'll take it. Summary Farming the forums for views is easy. Give it an appealing title, decent thumbnail, post it on the forums at a good time and you've got yourself a near guaranteed 100 views. I've not been making Moat views just for views, that would be stupid, but it's something that I've noticed during the time I was uploading videos. If you want to see any other stats from my channel, feel free to ask for it in the replies. Enjoy the free information, do with it as you will.
  3. Two floors and a roof, loads of windows. Was fun to grapple on the outside of the map to go from floor to floor. Only downside was constant C4 spam in the vents
  4. Exactly. Cole's not going to spend a year creating a bot that ❤❤❤❤yses market fluctuations just to make your life slightly more convenient. This is why the idea is bad.
  5. There's a reason that there isn't a bot to PC. It's not possible.
  6. make a stopsound bind, as you do with KOS's, ID binds, and other gameplay aspects you care about. It's not that hard.
  7. Join the chess tournament giveaway you pepega https://tinyurl.com/MoatChess
  8. Update: We have reached the number of players needed to play the tournament, but there are still 11 places available for more people before it becomes full.
  9. Hello everyone, I've decided to host a chess tournament in order to give away a few guns I don't need. The winner of this tournament will receive this Lovable M8A1 https://imgur.com/a/HcHWGFX Second place will receive this Fabulous P90 https://imgur.com/a/8Fu6rlz And third place will receive this Scorching M4A1 and One-Tap Springfield https://imgur.com/a/EoQNgiz https://imgur.com/a/QN1uNsZ Now that I've got your attention, I'll get into the details: - The date that the chess tournament will be held is currently undecided, but will be announced in the near future. - All participants are required to sign up via a discord server that I have created, which is linked below. - Participants will be required to stream the games they play via discord. - The tournament standings will be displayed on this website: https://challonge.com/MoatChess - There is only room for 32 players in the tournament, so join while you can. Join this discord server to participate: https://tinyurl.com/MoatChess
  10. not always, sometimes it gives a hitmarker and just deals 0 visible damage
  11. We absolutely need this as an option
  12. I want to open 500k worth of crates for someone because funny youtube content Obviously, I will give all the drops and the IC from the decon back. DM me on discord @Jamsy#3669 if you're interested in letting me open your crates.
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