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  1. Hows abt 30 days playtime for a cosmic? 😉
  2. Imo it wouldn’t ruin the eco if you didn’t trade up 1 for 1, ex: if I traded 10 ascendeds for 1 cosmic with the chance of 2/5, and I get it, its a cosmic that could be worth less or way more than the og cost of the ascendeds. More cost for reward but reward is still viable Also you forgot about specialized weapons(purple)
  3. At least the 5 yr old is learning from it, can’t say I’ve seen anyone under the age of 10 that knew what a terrorist was and that they were bad 🤷‍♀️ Add mechanic to change the size randomly depending on the user
  4. We all know DJ is just scared moat will keep adding anime models and we’ll end up with all the Neptunia characters like every other server that does anime stuff 😬
  5. Anyone else remember jarate rounds 👻
  6. Can you do my comp ticket that was approved and never completed more than a year ago?
  7. Words don’t harm anyone? If u live in America and u acted the same way irl to a person such as a family member, as some people do online, you would be charged w a misdemeanor for domestic abuse in the form of severe emotional distress. Words do have negative impacts upon others, some ppl r just to dumb to realize it 🌝 Sorry, I’m trying to take a leaf out of ur book and use logic and reasoning as well as the law
  8. A 1 hr ban for dropping the n word won’t solve toxicity, morons need to learn to be smarter
  9. Just learn math and calculate it off ur xp on the wep 🌝