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  1. i cant wait to get my planetary M16 with perfect centermass, really good predator, perfect inferno and ofcourse the perfect leech! Sounds like a great addition! -1
  2. there might be IDK, but there are also tesla and cont which are pretty much the same talent too
  3. So i had a crazy talent idea and felt like sharing it here. Since some talents have a counterpart, i thought maybe we can get a talent called gravity. How would this talent work? Every shot has a x % chance to increase the targets gravity by x%. This will make sure that the target cant jump anymore, or way way lower. Or if you want to be really crazy maybe the gravitational pull can deal damage too, who knows! I would love to hear some opinions on this, and who knows!
  4. Just set up my profile, and i love the song!

  5. Ooh thats great! Really happy to hear this ^^
  6. So i think im not the only who has a big messy inventory, and i also think we can all agree on the fact that sorting your inv sucks. So wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of system that would sort your inventory by weapon, type or rarity?
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