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  1. then admin admits to wrongly banning me too long to my friend. says ♥♥♥♥ unban me, then leaves the server
  2. hes my freind and we settled it in voice coms after the admin not doing anything for 2 round straight?
  3. admin then told my freind hed unban me because its not a 1 day ban for rdm then he just left server and never unbanned me
  4. rdm'd then put pornhub xd in report response then over coms told the guy (my freind) id kill console at beginning of round, then i did, then i get 1 day banned. the admins liteally level 38 and trial staff plz unban me asap
  5. i gave budha permission to test his gun on me so he shot me, i didnt shoot back or do anything for a solid 2-3 seconds then he comes up and kills budha and ID's the body as innocent so i killed him
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