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  1. Nah. Just suggest new ones. "Bad ones" aren't necessarily bad just because they never get boosted or picked.
  2. Fortnite Default dance or bust 🤪
  3. Okay but we also need anime crate yes pls thank you
  4. Spending your 1 credit (without Hoarder) to find out who the Jester is early is legit. Don't worry, innocents will still probably kill him despite this. I know from experience.
  5. As a manhack user, I approve. Is there no limit? I've only ever tried to buy 1 set of 3.
  6. People keep suggesting this and it never gets done. Why? Because git guud. You have several T buddies if there is more than 1 detective. Organize and coordinate proxy mine usage. You can also throw in banana bombs from the bottom of where the detective room teleporter goes, in the basement with the water. At least you used to be able to. I haven't tried it in awhile because I haven't had to.
  7. They need to bring back Staff Compliments
  8. It seems when people are Jester, they are immune to lava in The Floor is Lava event. Below you can see Clonk (he's afk), who is supposedly a Jester not dying despite being under lava. The round continued until Voidendless died despite being the rightful winner.
  9. I've been playing with it a lot since it dropped. Most people I've talked and played with did NOT find the role interesting or a good idea. Most are frustrated with it.
  10. IGN: Darth Scrub {Moat.gg} Discord: Darth Scrub#8315
  11. 1 - Once they load, they know what's in your inventory... 2 - It's a similar enough system 3 - Automatic sorting being an option, not a requirement. I know a lot of players have their ways. 4 - And yeah, that's not a compromise. That's having it one way completely and the other not at all.
  12. Darth Scrub#8315 Cool cool
  13. Yet other servers can pull it off. And I'm not sure about your logic either. The server already knows what items are what. That's how they're loaded in. I'm no IT expert or anything of the sort but it cannot be that complicated. And even if it did cause a little lag, things can be optimized and the inventory sorting process can be slowed down and put on a cooldown. Alternatively, we can just set it so the sorting happens automatically so it's just an item or 2 at a time to lower load on the server's processing. There are ways to do this and compromises to be made.
  14. They just need to fix it so that Jester can win with the Maf-- I mean Traitors. Essentially: Traitors kill Jester: Jester loses but the round keeps going to see if Ts can beat out the Innos and Dets. Innocents/Dets kill Jester: Jester wins but the round keeps going to see if Ts can beat out the Innos and Dets. Jester survives to see only Ts alive: Jesters loses and Ts win.
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