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  1. dang that sucks that you have to be overly toxic about it also there are staff online a lot of the time on servers that know what their doing so stop firing shots towards staff you dont even know exist
  2. In-Game Name of Offender Zion forever Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:52884143 Date of Incident 03/28/2020 Report Type Harassment Your Discord ID ツ|Mango JUUL Pod Cat#0359 Description he was bullying axman and continued to call false koses on him after i defended him he decided to call koses on me for no reason changed his name to Establishment of a Jewish State after the video Evidence Attachments
  3. i gotchu ツ|Mango JUUL Pod Cat#0359
  4. yeah i fully agree im done with the broken ass weapons fucking up everything please @cole just listen to the community and wipe it
  5. A lot of you guys dont want me back on moat as i found out today a few people were being overly toxic toward me guess i wont come back for a bit longer than
  6. I mean yeah the weapons were def fixed but what about how op they are and the economy i mean its getting really boring real quick doing the same thing everyday. But even not playing moat i have heard rumors of a wipe and have read about the corona climb which isn't a bad idea. Everyone is mostly stuck inside for this pandemic but the question im asking if anyone really cares if there's another wipe. It would probably bring back more people again on the servers since the glitch made people leave like my self. I know people are going to tell me its not going to happen but its always an option at this point for moat.gg because im sure that most people wouldn't care if the server got wiped and then had a event happen like the corona climb. So be aware its always possible but not certain Also tell me about your opinions on this topic im curious of what others think Mango Juul Pod Cat up and out
  7. lmao continues to talk but said he "doesnt care"
  8. lmao says no need to be toxic but calls us twats in his edit history
  9. omfg are you legit a snowflake like dude its a fucking game not fucking everything in 2020 has to be so god damm sensitive to you
  10. yeah its time for a wipe people like myself have been leaving cause its just too unfair now
  11. Its been a fun ride on moat and yes i know people hated me but i made many friends and ive finally decided that im leaving for a bit cause everything is just too unfair now since the glitch like y33t posted glock lovers that had stats and talents that were above the limit. so those are my final words for a while bye i love you all even if you hate me i had fun ❤️ from ツ|Mango JUUL Pod Cat
  12. also dont forget the time we had a three some with speed me and you
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