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  1. yeah ig but i kinda liked it just so i can troll people with jester
  2. Okay so something that i thought about literally 2 minutes ago is to possibly add a setting were you could have random weapons equipped for each round but the weapons you have equip come from your inventory. This would probably be a good idea since jester was removed from ttt and all the spice was removed with it adding a random equipped weapon setting would have a bit of the spicy taste come back if you know what i mean by that.
  3. bruh you really posting 10 different posts a day now and telling everyone about the servers
  4. that hurt to watch it nearly rolled on me i wanna die
  5. ツ|Mango JUUL Pod Cat#0359 gib me i need better gun plz
  6. yeah lmao very funny upvote like reddit
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