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  2. Good lucking getting all the bullets to their head using an s12. Which I don't really seem the point of doing, since shotguns shouldn't aim for the head, as it most of the time has a negative impact on your probability to kill the target.
  3. "trying to get headshot kills with shotguns (especially s12) is like gambling. because sometimes the killing pellot hits the head, other times it hits anywhere but the head. A change needs to happen because as it stands, if you want a shotgun planet, you literally have to bash your head against rng and pray that it actually counts. or just spend 125 rounds barrel stuffing against only their head. " :)
  4. Yeah have fun getting headshots with shotguns 🙂
  5. perfect med does not equal s❤❤❤❤ed in weapon. what @M-E-T-Ais probably correct.
  6. idk about this old and new xp or whatnot i just want my cool little deadeye to get boom 😞
  7. Contagious should be a bit slower than phoenix imo, because of the flavor. If you get sick you don't die instantly, you die slowly and painfully. Electricity could be faster though
  8. Change from instakill to like a bit more damage over time, kinda like phoenix but stronger? something you can't outheal but that will give you time to get out
  9. ducky

    Buff dual SG550s

    Right now they are totally 100% unusable. Buff DMG or RPM
  10. Now this is a really good idea. I like the idea of going on a hunt for something, and then finally finding it. I can only imagine the joy you get after finding your Perc, surely it would make any man smile. Really good idea though, hope to see it in game! Keep up the good work pizza-cat.
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