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  1. im sorry but can you explain that again a little differently possibly because im trying to figure out what you mean? if the gun is glitch i would contact staff but ive never heard of an acid test before for broken guns? @zombi135
  2. very few other guns have sights and the tmp is fine as it is already so i dont think its needs that kinda buff
  3. penta kills arent that hard though and if its your gun you could always just save up a little and buy a new one?
  4. i honestly really want to see rend and beyond the grave implemented because both sound pretty cool and it would help spice things up and sight of hand would be another neat talent i would want to see
  5. i personally liked to explore every nook and cranny of the maps i play and find little secrets and i feel like ten rounds it honestly just too short especially for some of the bigger maps and then you may not get to play that map again for hours and sometimes that map may not even be on any other servers so you just have to wait and hope for it to eventually pop back up and even then it may not get voted for if a more popular map appears
  6. there was already a comment about this and it also said why the crates are opening slowly and its not due to the micro-optimization it was because of something else its something that happened last night while the scripts were acting up its also the reason why pk's are shooting weirdly
  7. i agree i used to only open crates for items and never bought any but the crates new delay makes me want to not buy cases in general
  8. yea this isnt what the vapes were meant for and it shouldnt be equal to a traitor or detective equipment. They are supposed to be a fun accessory not a ❤❤❤ item
  9. if you dont have screenshots of the transactions you might be at a bit of a loss
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