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  1. Preventing you from playing the server? lol It didn't prevent you from RDM'ing us but I guess you didn't film that did you? Why is Death Kratos a witness when he was doing what we were doing too. You also were involved in this Tad and then you stopped all of a sudden because you got your dailes done. Then you report us for not stopping when you were ready?? SO everybody involved here was "meta gaming" just to be clear. It started off with just two people because we couldn't find each other on the bigger maps so we would just pick a meeting place too have a 1v1. Then as another person joined the T found himself out numbered and the duels wouldn't work anymore and because it was on server 10 the multiple jobs made it harder to have a decent game with so few people. So yes we did end up letting the T win. This was brought to attention to me today that this was not aloud and it was metagaming. When I first joined in with the other people i had no idea this was not aloud. Tad was the first person to tell us to stop it and we all thought because he had been doing it with us that he just got his dalies done and didn't need us anymore after that so he was just messing with us BECAUSE HE WAS DONE METAGAMING. At 1:07 on this video you will notice there is a jump cut. That because Tad is not showing/telling you the full story and none of this shows him RDM'ing us or him metagaming. SO, with that being said, I would like too formally apologize for meta-gaming I did not know this was not aloud in the capacity that we did it. I assumed it meant a more malicious way of cheating like being on a discord call with sombody and telling them they are T's. I want it to be CLEAR however this was at 4AM on a dead(at the time) server so we did not impact anybodies game play. The only game play we affected was Tad's when he decided he wanted to stop metagaming with us. You can tell by the way this is edited it is edited to make it look like he did no wrong. Death kratos is a compromised witness as he was involved in the metagaming for far longer than Tad was and if you ask every Steam ID tagged in this video they will all say that these two took part in it as well. Again I am sorry for breaking the rules and as somebody with almost 2 weeks of play time on moat.gg servers I should have known better. I will not metagame ever again as I now know what it really means and I ask the moderators and admins looking at this to please look at the whole situation and ask everybody involved what happened instead of just looking at this clearly edited clip just to make only the people listed look bad. Many people will also attest to my charector and that I am a nice and honest player(to a fault in TTT lol) and always have been. Thank you for taking the time to read this and take my words into consideration as I take this very seriously. -used fetus
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