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  1. @Jertz it would help to have an expected time. anything pop up, or is it not possible to put one up?
  2. this would be easily implemented, by simply adding a .5 second timer that checks if the're moving, and if not, resets the step count.
  3. This would be helpful for people who want to sell items in that server, and not everyone has discord.
  4. Teleporting dosn't count as a step, it just changes location. Plus, i dont think there are any 2 way teleporters you can go through fast.
  5. I have an idea that could fix marathon walker, in order for it to be put on the dailies list again. What if you could not only track the steps a person took, but how their x/y/z cord moved as well? What you would do with it, is you would check If {step}; then {checkcord}; Basically, if they take a step, but their x/y cord didn't/barely moved, then it wouldnt count. Alternitively, you could also make it more specific. You could check if their z cord is rapidly going up and down, and if their x/y cord dosen't move. -Just a thought
  6. Maybe there should be a system to help people that dont get on often/for long? Example: There is a 30 minute scaling period you get every day. For the first 30 minutes, you get slightly more ic for every correct kill you get. To balance it out, maybe there would be a less noticeable, but longer deficit afterwards. (In order to even it out.) This would make it so that people with less time can hop on for 30 min, then hop off and do some extra studying or whatever, And people like me, who are on a solid amount of time, have ~ default ic gain. Of course the people who are on longer will get more ic total, because their on longer, But also make it easier on people with busy schedules. Just a thought, please dont get salty if you dont like it. Instead, quote and say why its bad.
  7. +1 Looks like a good map, could be cool to play