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  1. im saying if cole is absolutelty needing to reintroduce TTC roles into TTT
  2. Serial killer could be a great way to intoduce TTC roles into TTT. Its not too outlandish to have a guy who KILLS ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE, hes like a T but also hates T's. I think it would add more depth and its a good way to ease people into new roles using simpler less punishing roles like jester.
  3. Your In-Game Name: Not James Bond Your Steam ID: 76561198116106967 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #5 Staff Member that Banned You: Bot Slayah ☘ Ban Reason: Hatefull Conduct Ban Length: A week (7 days) Did you break any rules?: Yes What Happened: I meant to call my friend in a discord the f-word (he doesn't care) and i accidentally hit the ingame voice chat bind out of habit instead of my discord one. Honestly my bad. Wont happen again. Sorry for anyone i offended i guess Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
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