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  1. inside the bed gives you an unfair advantage, you can see through the textures and shoot out, but anyone else can't shootin or see you, The fact you can see the through the textures makes it exploiting not the fact you can get their not through blinking the coThere is only evidence of Osiris exploiting therefore Osiris will receive a 2nd warning for map exploiting, any further map exploit's will result in a 60 min ban every time.
  2. How does this not apply in this situation? @LGRP Link ?
  3. Ban request complete and this one
  4. Kalib has been sent a friend request on steam, they have 24 hours to respond otherwise i will review without their input
  5. Kek killed the victim becuase he entered a building they were all doing a 5v5 sniper game, this goes against the purpose of the game traitors verses inno's and can be classed as Metagaming, It's not the victims fault, he joined a TTT server to play TTT and played by the rules, i did not matter if you all agreed to kill each other, he did not and did not deserve to be killed just for walking into a building. with that im mind and the fact there was no staff online as they would of stopped the meta gaming, and it would not be a slay for rdm, it would of been a ban. Therefore KEK will be banned for 1 day for Purp rdm x1 first closed and moved to ban requests
  6. Discoball gaming has been sent a message on discord, they will have 24 hours to respond otherwise i will review without their input
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