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  1. this is basically free for all with 1 life,, the round would be over too quick, you would s❤❤❤❤ and be dead 9/10 as someone has aimed at you pre-round no Also SK is only available on TTC servers
  2. it was not really on the top of the "this needs to be fixed " list
  3. No, it wasn't a feature,.... i don't know who your source is, but i wouldn't listen to that source anymore
  4. No, this was a bug not a feature, the bug has been fixed, it wont be "undone" It makes some of the talents worthless.
  5. So it just heals you when you haven't got it out? No ty. It's good enough as it is
  6. I would like this round, but not 1000hp Iirc that was annoying af, 500?
  7. I posted most of them couple of day ago
  8. 20 rounds if better. Much better
  9. Two snowmen in a field, one says to the other * sniff * *snifff** hey... ermm? *sniff* do you smell carrots?
  10. It's not broken, it's actually just fixed , we had 300% xp boost on all servers, that has not been fixed, if you want to boost a sever there is a server boost on the market place for 20 rounds.
  11. How models are made, it's not always possible, some models have different texture files for each part of the body, like zelda with the eyes, cat woman's head ect. And the skins can only effect the base texture file on application of the skin/paint
  12. Rather then a instant kill it should do small damage over time forcing them to leave the room rather then insta kill. What this seems to be. It kinda makes the traitors have an advantage over the detective. In overtime The detective room should use used heal or get away from a perusing traitor. I agree not to camp
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