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  1. A lot of these models have the player model smaller then average ( the shadow model for example) These models kinda need to be similar or same size to be able to play fair. Some of them wound't be a bad idea.
  2. once in 24 hours is ridiculous,
  3. Quite clearly a scam, no other explanation is needed, therefore Moon will have 7 days to arrange trade-back since the item is not unique a different stealth box will be fine, or they will be trade banned
  4. this is basically free for all with 1 life,, the round would be over too quick, you would s❤❤❤❤ and be dead 9/10 as someone has aimed at you pre-round no Also SK is only available on TTC servers
  5. it was not really on the top of the "this needs to be fixed " list
  6. No, it wasn't a feature,.... i don't know who your source is, but i wouldn't listen to that source anymore
  7. No, this was a bug not a feature, the bug has been fixed, it wont be "undone" It makes some of the talents worthless.
  8. So it just heals you when you haven't got it out? No ty. It's good enough as it is
  9. I would like this round, but not 1000hp Iirc that was annoying af, 500?
  10. I posted most of them couple of day ago
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