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  1. I was going to say if we keep the % proc then it may be a good idea to add it as a t3 since we haven't gotten a new one for a while. A buff would definitely make it a desired talent for sure. @Zedigy
  2. Fergy

    Mute Talent Rework

    Okay we ALL know those people out there with broken guns. Like there's actually a 4 tap trepaco with close quarters and trigger finger. Kinda weird. What if instead of this Mute talent that was implemented actually muted gun talents instead of players? How cool would it be to actually roll a talent that takes away other gun talents. Make people hit their shots and not depend on the 45 damage projectile from your 1000 rpm gun smh. I thought it was a pretty cool idea since people all don't have broken guns but can roll mute and have a 5-10% chance to take away another gun's talents for 5-10 seconds. I don't think it's exactly a broken talent since people are still able to kill if they're not as bad as me. I'm sure people can't be too mad either at this talent since it is a T2 talent which we know is the heavy healing talent that a lot of us spend millions of ic on. We all know we can kill even if a player has a small chance of being muted to not make noise when they die (assassin does a way better job at being discrete anyways) but we can't all kill the trig vamp inferno m4a1 that is jumping around the server. Please leave some thoughts to this <3.
  3. So I understand that pks were broken but nerfing them where they don't even shoot where they're supposed to. My Pk with trig is shooting way under the cross hair. I don't believe this intended because having bad accuracy is one thing but shooting off of target kinda not cool bro. Don't do it like the VSS where its unusable pls and fix years later. Anyways I love you guys <3.
  4. I miss the old Baton man. I dropped a 97% one and it was beautiful.
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