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  1. I think that there should be a new mutator available in every rarity, this mutator doesn't reroll talents, it rerolls the stats of the talents themselves. Imagine you drop an absolute amazing Rapid M16 with amazing stats and just to your luck, there is trigger and vampiric on the gun, however the trigger is at 10% and the vampiric is at 40% with 25% hp gain. Now you have a gun that could have sold for many more times the price it can sell for now if only the stats of the talents were better. I propose that this new Talent Stat Mutator could help you out, it would be significantly more rare then the current chance for mutators, but it would enable a new item that is highly sought after for players that have the right talents on the right gun, but the talent percentages are absolutely garbage. This will enable the ability for players to have more of an option to get a gun that fits what they want perfectly, and adds control to something that was previously out of the players hands.
  2. I agree with this idea, its like the auction house plugin for minecraft, I believe that mixed trades will still happen if the current trading system is left untouched, then pure ic trades can be bid up or have a b/o on the auction house, I think that the current #wts is just an unrefined system of what was mentioned above, it's just not organized enough. I think that this auction house or Grand Exchange like how you mentioned it above is a great idea, you could even add filters for gun type, rarity type, and sort by least expensive, or most expensive, to set up the auction you could customize time that its on the auction house, and the starting bid with a fee being a small % of the price you set starting bids for. This is a great idea and if implemented correctly, it will help players find a gun specifically tailored to them at the right price
  3. I would understand the crates price if they had some weapon like a bootiful weapon in its item pool, but it doesn't, plus the chance of getting a cosmetic worth nothing is too high to spend 28k on
  4. you make bankrupting all my ic on titans sound appealing
  5. I like this idea except for the fact that you can find the scrolls in crates, I mean imagine opening a planetary just for it to be a scroll that is used to open more planetaries, seems like something someone would regret dropping as they would rather just drop a planetary gun or cosmetic then a scroll
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