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  1. Remove Healthbloom drops, leave the people with the HB and round it up, then it is harder for people to use.
  2. Make the Health Bloom round up, and make the other powerups round up, please.
  3. Could be a secondary or T weapon, you shoot a single arcing shot, on hit it does 40dmg but has double 100% Phoenix. Guaranteed one shot but it has one in the chamber, long reload, arcing shot and can be doused by going into water.
  4. A lot of people are complaining about Jester, and new stuff that arises. There are about 2-8 empty servers why not reuse them and turn them into an experimental or prototype server this could allow Moat to know if the community actually wants jester or sentry turrets. Put a level requirement (Like with TTC) make it level 50 or so, so that the people playing actually have a feel for it and are experienced.
  5. Make it an ascended, the irony of that would be very funny
  6. I see people plopping one down at the stairs in front of the stairs in Minecraft Motel and basically at least 4 people die as they cant throw dynamite being as the corners they have to be behind the sentry where a traitor can wait taking cheap kills at people trying to destroy them.
  7. I mean the MW ghost model but it depends on Moat.gg although I prefer the Old school ghost.
  8. I think that hitman, should get a Silenced Pistol for free and a Cloaking Device for free simply because it fits with the idea of a hitman and allows him greater variety, as if you want to be a Hitman, you either need to keep following your target into a corner or situation and then kill him, or waste your credits buying awps and Freeze guns to one hit kill if the target is a det and is within a crowd. Also give make all their weapons equipped on them at the start of the round silenced, and give him ammo for every target kill (one magazine for the silenced pistol.)
  9. Add a gun that has high damage and high rpm bit like a better MSBS but vastly decrease its magazine to possibly five and increase its accuracy and kick. This could be like a high-risk high-reward weapon that rewards you for controlling kick and having trigger discipline. Maybe 60dmg 700 rpm 5 bullets +30% accuracy +40% kick
  10. Add a ghost model to Moat.gg
  11. What about people that are permabanned, we can just transfer everything in their acc to maybe a lottery or like an auction, it would humiliate them and serve as a deterrent (Maybe keep like it for 7days in case they want to appeal)
  12. But the thing is, you could grind out SC and then what 250SC for quad it is stack able so go on a full server Max out the XP and spray everyone down with a turret
  13. Taxing in Moat.gg is very much necessary, but we need to increase the Taxes over a variety, instead of just versus. Why don't we implement fines into Moat.gg like with autoslays and Staff kicks you lose a percentage of your money. It works as a deterrent and will help curb inflation. We can also just put all the excess money in like a Moat account. We could also make incentives to not just deconstruct eveything you get like Trade-ups which you can do. This will help excess money just drain out.
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