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  1. Flintlock musket, one tap body dealing 120dmg to body 2x multiplier on head, only one shot though and an extremely long reload, the idea being that it rewards you for accuracy and that it punishes you for missing. Unaimable you stick with the current view your on, flintlock pistol dealing exactly 100dmg is a secondary but has no crosshair and is aimable, both should take about 5 seconds to reload, and you have 5 shots in reserve with rifle ammo being used.
  2. No, but people like the maps and therefore vote for them, by denying them the option of their favourite maps just because you don't like it? That is quite a bad thing to do to take away their freedom to vote for a map they like? Is it not?
  3. Overwatch, Titanfall games that let you be in a robot
  4. I would most appreciate if we had some more optimisation settings such as: decreasing render, remove fog and mist, remove bullet holes, remove effects when you shoot something, remove blood, remove assassin effects, decrease visual effects, make a setting called fastest so that low end PCs can run faster, Please optimise inventory for 64 beta players and in general as when I'm in inventory I lose 1/4 of my FPS (5FPS) and in shop I lose 3/4 (15FPS). For comparison my computer can't run Minecraft, barely runs CS:GO with lowered graphics, and a lower resolution. Valorant 15 Unstable FPS Half Life 2 30FPS Can't run most maps on GMod have to resort to MC maps and only some maps: MCdolls MCmotel and Mcsurvival as well as lunar base and skyscraper(please bring back)
  5. I would definately love the BAR and Kar98k, but I think the PPSH is basically a Tommy Gun. Increase Bar dmg and fire rate and decrease mag to 20.
  6. But the reason we need to use the current music pool is that someone could blare out something racist or that goes against moat's rules.
  7. Sorry about the title didn't know what to put as the title. Anyway this is my idea, the person who gets the most points (Points are already a thing you can see people's points in the scores after a round) in a round will become the MVP but I want to add a new feature where the MVP in the settings can put the song of his choice from the current music pool. So if I went into settings picked a song for example the song Lose It by Oh Wonder and I was the Traitor, Traitors win and I got the most points, the song Lose it would be playing. Maybe at the end round recap it could say The round lasted : 00:00 Sniper Fi moat.gg was the MVP, playing Lose It by Oh Wonder. Or the alternative Idea is to put a (small) banner at the top saying: MVP-Sniper Fi moat.gg Playing song Lose It by Oh Wonder. I think this is a fantastic idea (ofc I would say that) it would be a way of honouring the person who won with a nice public display and that it would be a way of crediting the people who actually created the song. If you like a particular song you can put it on and it provides an incentive of being the best, with your song. You could also put a limit on a certain song so that people who keep being the MVP actually don't keep spamming the same song. Maybe 3 or 5 max plays of that song per map. Would absolutely love your opinions.
  8. Kriss Vector a SMG with 17 or 33 bullets per magazine, Very high RPM (Round 1200 RPM) and limited damage. This would make it a very versatile CQC weapon if you have good trigger discipline and not wasted the magazine because of its very high RPM. Another redeeming factor of the Vector is its significantly reduced recoil because of a very interesting counter-recoil mechanism, so it has a high base stability and lessened recoil by a large margin.
  9. I had so many good collector's items such as Bostons and Wilds from the event which I have no evidence as I didn't even realise the possibility of a wipe
  10. If you've had the pleasure of reloading LMGs in different games, you know how long it is even with swift 50% it is still achingly slow, the point of swift is to increase reload speed but 50% is too low I'd rather have a bad trig or brutality than 50% swift on a machito reverse it.
  11. Depends, just want a good gun? Go for 50/50 gives you good guns and a chance of Valentine and CInco guns those are ascended tier guns. Want a good cosmic secondary? Crimson or Spring your choice Crimson give the Bonds Best friend the Golden Deagle, but the Spring offers the Bonds Worst Friend a Raging BUll .308 Feeling lucky and want an OP gun? Go for Titan the Warriochi is an extremely overpowered planetary. If you want more stats and faster reload, draw and other stats go for Aqua Palm .
  12. Spectator DM requested before denied before
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