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  1. In-Game Name of Offender SGT Mq nugget and -Ж_fighter_ Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:128240769 and STEAM_0:0:217927167 a Date of Incident 02/24/2020 Report Type Role Ghosters Your Discord ID El1as #8990 Description So me and josealfredo moat.gg are sure they Ghousting be cause -Ж_fighter_ just random killed me and nugget was T Josealfredo says theyre ghosting for a long time yet and he is sure. And they are 50lvl or bigger they Know the rules. I have video Clip when -Ж_fighter_ Rdm me. Evidence JoseAlfredo (moat.gg) is whitness and i have video clip when he rdm me Attachments
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