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  1. In-Game Name of Offender -=Erissa=- Durp Hawk Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:10912808 Date of Incident 04/11/2020 Report Type Exploiting Your Discord ID Description map exploit Evidence as seen in the screenshot hes inside the walls with 1 shot sniper and he was well aware of hes exploiting Attachments
  2. In-Game Name of Offender Covid-69 Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:80885871 Date of Incident 04/09/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Description KILLED AT START OF ROUND Evidence killed me at the start of the round Attachments
  3. In-Game Name of Offender Silvermew Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:188079943 Date of Incident 04/07/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID CaptainYahr#2952 Description I just did some parcour from 1 roof to another on the map rooftops and he straightup shot me Evidence On the map rooftops i wanted to get down to a lower level but because i din't want to walk all the way around i jumped down some metal bars and landed next to Silvermew, then we made eye contact and he straightup shot me, wasting my once in a 10 rounds traitor round, i never got called out for KOS since the round just started. Attachments
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