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  1. In-Game Name of Offender: Unknown he likes to change his name so he doesn't get caught SteamID of Offender: (STEAM_0:1:433062096) Which server was this on?: TTT Minecraft #4 Date of Incident: 09/22/2019 Report Reason: He scammed me out of 450k What Happened: He randomly trade requested me and asked how much for my energized ak I said 500 k take it or leave it and than he put 570k in chat I looked at it quickly and than he changed it to 57000 and a energized mac I accepted it not noticing he changed it and than I said wait I said 500k he traded me but did nothing and than he left the server a few minutes later he joined the server again with a different username and I called him out and he left he's not trading me back I'm really aggravated at this point and if you could give me updates or screen shots of convoys with him that would be great Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: None Witnesses: Hydro2.0 Zero The Pyromaniac Evidence: I have the ic and the Mac for evidence and ima hold onto it until I get my ak back Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
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