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  1. stalker rounds also give eggs for some reason which I think are pretty cool plz dont fix
  2. I got a fun idea for crate opening and its when u decon a crate it open it, this would make crate opening a lot easier using ctrl and you could put a limit of like opening 50 at a time so you cant crash a server
  3. dude the actual purpose of the mega vape is to spam your chat for when your mega vape is ready
  4. the only uses I've seen for frog hopper are getting outside of a map, jumping into a cheeky spot where only people with frog hoppers can get to, or jumping into the roof removing the frog hopper in my opinion wouldn't matter much
  5. Me: why did the chicken cross the road? You: why? Me: to get to the idiots house Me: Knock knock You: whos there? Me: the chicken 😉
  7. wait you can get a melee with dragon
  8. "Punch Crate" A new melee crate but their special talent is called punch which increases the push force by 15-40% The crate would have some fun new melees like knives, fork, wands, and some other fun and weird melee weapons.
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