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  1. The player in which you reported has been added to convey his side of the story. He has exactly 24 hours from to respond on this thread, if no response is made from the Offender we will move forward in this process.
  2. Welcome back my man! We hope you enjoy your stay ❤️
  3. Hello everyone ❤️ It's me Dolber Allow me to introduce myself, shall I? For those who don't know me or have not seen me around, My name is Donald (Dolber) I am 23 years old. I was a Personal Trainer, a Tutor and a Teacher of a class of 62 people in my time of schooling. My main focus in life is to pursue a full-time career working the Computer Engineering field. I've had a passion for this career since I've first learned about it. I used to play Moat in the past and eventually joined the forums last year in August to try to learn the community and the people in it. As time passed I took a hiatus, a rather long one, but I decided to come back around February and give my second shot to the Moat Family. Since I made that decision I have found true happiness within myself and from the Moat Community. During my time back, I've grown as a person to not only learn to be a better person but to understand many people from many parts of the world. I always seek challenge and I always strive for the better, not just for myself but for everyone around me. Without these experiences I perhaps wouldn't be the same person I am today and I thank you all for that sincerely. I would not be here if this community wasn't so open and welcoming at the same time. Feel free to contact me Dolber#0001 if you have any questions or concerns and again thank you for reading 💝
  4. Welcome back my dude, we hope you enjoy your stay ❤️
  5. I would really like to see this map in the cycle again. This is one of my favorite maps and not only that, I grew up playing that map on Wind Waker. It's always a nostalgic experience when I play both of the oldest games I played in the past, at once. Please add
  6. I’m sure you what I’m gonna say... it’s gonna be a no from me. The gambling is there for the specific reasons in which you posted. Some points are valid but others mainly actually support the argument why gambling is there in the first place. The amount of IC in market is distributed in more ways than just the Casino Tab. The low levels with the high amounts of IC may have earned it from gambling, but they took the risk (like you and I can) and earned their way just like the rest of us. We can’t simply remove it for various reasons but my main point is that “money-sinks” such as the entirety of the Casino Tab, exist for all of the right reasons. Now what I can agree is a limitation but even then people should have the liberty to either waste or make the money on their own accord.
  7. I certainly do see your point of view and I will respect that because your concern is in the right. This is a newer idea and the fears of it causing things like this is for sure expected but we can even make it limited just to try it out and see if it works. I just thought it would be a good idea and something new for us as we progress through our events.
  8. That is what I mean I was only providing an example in my post, we would obviously scale them higher in price so it still costly for it's convenience. The prices now are not what would be sought after if it were to be added.
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