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  1. I'd like to VS for that sweet p90 and playdead if you don't mind gambling those back to me kek
  2. Agreed, message me on discord whenever you're on and can do the VS. Won, gg <3 The P90 is still up for VS
  3. Your Steam Display Name: ShirogamiYour In-Game Name: ShirogamiYour Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:42050343Which server were you banned on?: TTTStaff Member That Banned You: [MG] Merry-XMau5Reason Banned: Purp rdm,lying apparently.How Long You Were Banned: 1 dayWhat Happened: So the map switches and on the first round a kos on afk's is being called surely enough I killed one and it was rdm fine. This lovely mister staff in training wasn't on the server to hear and see what exactly happened which excludes his rights from calling people liars but surely 5 rounds later the afk guy files in a report and I explain properly what happened and why, and I end up banned for a whole day cause of purp rdming and lying? in which case I neither lied nor rdm'd for the fun of it. When I've been playing on the same server for around 4 hours till this happened I got rdm'd tons of times and filed reports but no action was taken when I do accidental RDM with a KOS being called out I get 1 day ban as punishment.Did You Break Any Rules: (Yes/No) No (considering there was an actual KOS called to kill afk's)Witnesses: None, doubt any will step up since I've been playing on this server past 2 days and I'm new to the server.