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  1. A simp isnt a true simp if the girl asked for it. Simpilations 3:16
  2. I would like to talk to people in game thank you very much lol
  3. Why would you do this to me, I’m hungry now
  4. I agree with this, finding mutators is so difficult, just make it so we can buy them in the shop so I can fix my doo doo Sako and mutate my pistol 😭
  5. +1 for event exclusive drops, maybe not the exact ones suggested though.
  6. Sometimes you look away and still get the full flash, that I dislike.
  7. A slow 360, FFA deathmatch with rifles. Good wacky round.
  8. Good stuff man, I’m glad you’re doing better. Keep striving for the future, we’re behind you.
  9. +1. Don’t see why not.
  10. +1. Underused and underpowered gun, needs a boost.
  11. Get gud noob All seriousness though, maybe nerf the fire rate/damage and fix the bugs possibly? It’s a hazard and I like that about it but I do agree it’s a bit overpowered in its current form.
  12. +1 warning point 👹
  13. There are specific instances that explain when it is rightful to join a gun fight. If someone isn’t KOSed and you see the fight start/see someone start shooting randomly without context, you are allowed to join that fight. If you hear a gunfight start and run to it and just jump in, you can’t do that due to you not seeing how the fight began, therefore you wait for it to end and make the victor ID the body, this will determine if you can open fire.
  14. So you’re saying you don’t want people to be able to legally fire back if they’re being shot at??
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