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  1. I agree with the Cowboy power up, helps innocents and detectives react to traitors when they can melt 4 people in less than 3 seconds lol
  2. I like to run underneath them while they jump so they land on my head and I shoot at their crotch areas 😃
  3. It was sarcasm but okay lol
  4. And lets not forget to buff marathon runner to 30%
  5. That planetary drop luck lol, anyways hey Marco I'm Sky, see ya in game
  6. I stopped buying crates because of that.
  7. 1) Unsubscribe from all Moat content 2) Go to your addons folder and manually uninstall any Moat content. 3) Restart Garrys Mod 4) Join a random Moat server and allow it to download all the content again, if the server doesn’t fix any of the errors once you join, leave the server and resubscribe to the workshop collection. Than once it’s finished downloading rejoin the server.
  8. My reasoning is that you should see what you're shooting at, so like if you want the TRex model that looks cool but its bigger, you're making the cosmetic sacrifice to have that model. Its like Monster Hunter World, certain rarities look cool but aren't actually the best for the game.
  9. I think player models should have hitboxes that fit how large the model is, nothing more and nothing less. Meaning the TRex model should be a big thing to hit and Chell would be smaller but fair and obviously adjust the models that are too small to something average.
  10. Is the VSS in the summer event cause I’ll totally get that planetary VSS.
  11. That would be cool, although I dont exactly agree that the Jester added spice to the game, just headaches lol
  12. Is it just me or whenever I drop specialized or standard weapons the sound is more hype than the rarity lmao
  13. Hey Agil what’s popping, looking forward to playing with you, see ya in game
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