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  1. even if there is no wipe, just fix the bugs
  2. @♛The Abyss♛ not glitched, just normal guns i have
  3. please fix this, wipe, give everyone ic depending on their days spent playing/ or level
  4. i just want my ascended flak with 35hp boom, depression and frost back and tmp with inferno, medicality and another talent i can't remember (i also lost a pac man helmet and a 14.2% marathon runner)
  5. RIP my guns... i hope i can make a compensation ticket
  6. Many of my t rounds got ruined because someone uses a glitched marathon runner and catches up easily, or in most cases, a crazy overpowered gun that won't let you retaliate, they spoil people's rounds and i'm pissed that's cheating and i believe they should be votekicked for it
  7. i always thought about this xD
  8. @DarkNight ye, i recently made my first mil after working hard too, unless they somehow manage to fix the bugged items, a wipe seems to be the only reasonable option left (i don't want it to happen but what else can i do?)
  9. we were told not to trade the bugged items because they will fix the glitch, and they will return to normal, i don't think they'll stop 2 days of work on fixing it just because some people didn't listen to their warning.
  10. i have a better offer: i'll sell you my left kidney for that, isis needs more guns and someone's gotta get it to them WorldSoup#1566 IGN: WorldSoup
  11. WorldSoup

    Talent idea

    How about a talent in which each hit has a chance to deal damage to a person, but the amount of damage done is the amount of hp healed (10-20 hp) for the one who uses the talent like transferring hp from a person to the other, if the victim runs out of hp and dies the healing will also stop
  12. good idea, i've been in moat for over a year but i only found out about ttc recently, it was pretty complicated for me at first, and i understand how confusing it would be for a new player who doesn't know anything even about basic roles (t/d/i)
  13. I sometimes click on favorites by accident and it closes, but it won't open no matter how may times i click on it again, i think i'm doing something wrong so how can i open it -_-?
  14. yep, my server just had a massive lag spike, and it's not the first time it happens
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