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  1. my existence is a joke... but here's another one: i farted at work the other day, and my co-worker started trying to open the windows, it must have been a really bad one - we work on a submarine...
  2. we'll be using the same guns for many days and i feel like using a tommygun for 1 more minute will make me throw up
  3. i go on every server to boost it, once it's map change, i go to other motel servers
  4. i was gonna donate 50$ to the server but i realised that people are getting millions for free, so why should i spend money just to get a fraction of what others had obtained without doing anything, and a wipe seems the only good option or taking money from people who have over 8 mil (because some have 15 millions now from selling planetary mutators)
  5. it wasn't THAT bad, but now people are making million ic bets while some struggle to get even 100k i did get a lot of my items from pre wipe but it's nothing compared to that
  6. I genuinely don't understand why moat allowed some players to keep the many planetary mutators they got from pre wipe for free, players are getting filthy rich (one has over 15 million ic) and it broke the economy, it's very unfair that people grind so much while others get such a huge amount without lifting a finger... i was thinking that he shouldn't put extincts as guns for the summer climb because their price will skyrocket and there's gonna be people with 20 millions they got from selling them, i just wanna know why he allowed people to keep them?
  7. TTT_mc_darkdungeon_a2 TTT_mc_desert_v2 TTT_mc_moonbase darkdungeon is fun from time to time, i like it, desert and moonbase are very liked (i played 3 times in moonbase yesterday and everyone enjoyed it) desert is a good map too, i like playing in it during my t rounds
  8. this is r e t a r d ed, i don't even understand why censor swear words while most of the player base are adults, he ruined the chat
  9. the chat filter is awful, if someone says racist words they could just get banned for hateful conduct but what about curse words to vent out anger/frustration? people say those words in voice chat too, we're not 8 year olds who sould get their mouths washed with soap for saying a bad word, it's so retarded that they even censored caps, I WANNA SCREAM! the chat became so dull and you can't even say normal words like hello, space. turning it off should be an option idk why people think it's a good idea to have a safe space in a violent shooting game you snowflakes (i'm not talking about racial slurs but swear words)
  10. i love this song but i'm pretty sure that i'm gonna regret this xD
  11. can you please put the event round music too? (conagion round/boss round)
  12. since the programmers are sadistic and have no intention to remove jester, i propose we add a special end of the round song: the ''you got j baited'' meme to make the jester win unique and more fun from the innocent and traitor win
  13. since cole took the reigns, he made stupid decisions one after another, don't expect anything to be fair when the guy keeps ruining the economy and gameplay again and again, he shouldn't have brought back old inventory guns.
  14. jester ruins the game , i've lost countless t rounds because of him
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