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  1. last time i played was 2 weeks ago, but i had that problem
  2. ye i had that problem, the inventory didn't load and in tab i was lvl 1
  3. i'd sign in even if it was a stock weapon, i love free stuff
  4. i mean they're planetaries, they're supposed the be the cream of the crop and the rarest, but now people are dropping them like it's raining and mutating them into op guns, kinda makes the gun unfun too, especially for new players
  5. the thing is, they're not cheap, they're selling them for over 200k and they won't lower the prices, they're milking it to the last drip
  6. a whole week is enough to sell one, but not enough to sell 500 mutators for those who have the glitch and are selling them for ridiculous prices (ez 20 mil), or just make them temporary for a little while, just enough to clean the economy of those extra ones
  7. give them a certain time (a week-5 days) before they get auto deconned, or just set up a date to wipe all mutators from the game (warn players to use them before said date) that would fix the issue of people hoarding 500 planetary mutators/ use them as a currency everytime people see those glitched items they regret spending time/ money to get ic, it's unfun knowing that people who logged in 30 minutes before the wipe get more ic than people who spend a whole 6 months hoarding 😕
  8. would be nice if the issue of glitched planetary mutators would be taken care of
  9. i don't care as long as it's glitched items then they should do something to fix it
  10. but the few of them that are have hundreds of them and they also give to their friends (the guy in the picture gave the other guy 100 mutators) so they're still in circulation, like i said, the best option is to make planetary mutators temporary for a while to get rid of the exess
  11. i didn't want to say their names but there's yellowshade, rocky, dno and literally every player that was online 30 minutes before the wipe
  12. nah there's many of them, not just 1 guy
  13. they should try to fix this 😕 those broken mutators are still out there would be nice if he would do something about it like having a time limit before they get auto deconed or something, bad idea but it would fix the issue of players having over 10 mil of free ic, or them walking around with over hundreds of them, they became a currency of it's own they can make mutators last for a week before it gets auto deconned, or at least for 1 week to get rid of glitched ones and then make them normal again
  14. i ment moat xD i was in a hurry so i said moat by mistake xD
  15. many people didn't get their comps (i know that staff are working hard) , and i lost so many stuff i don't have strength to make a comp for each individually, besides, some don't have proof that they actually had some items
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