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  1. In-Game Name: ッSoranッ Discord Username: Soran aka i__donkey__i#3107 Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:418212001 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198796689731/ Age: 15 Do you have a microphone?: Yes Your Time Zone: Eastern Standard Current Rank: VIP When are you most likely to be playing?: 3:00pm-2:00am How long have you been playing on Moat TTT? (Exactly): 16 days Do you have any administrative experience?: Yes I was a moderator on a Minecraft server for 2 years. Have you ever been kicked or banned from Moat TTT?: No In a minimum of 100 words, tell us about yourself and why we should approve you: I am on the server for nearly 12 hours a day or more so I can respond to rdms across all servers. I also have a full understanding of the rules and I know how to work the logs. I have been playing this server since late 2017 and am still proud to call it the the best TTT server out there. Also I know how to explain things to people in a way that anyone can understand. Another reason is most of the servers I log into don't have staff on and lots of rdming happens. I am also very good at multi-tasking so I could handle multiple things at a time I just want to make the moat servers a better place and help in any way I can. Thanks. Sincerely, Soran Are you at least 13 years or older?: Yes Have you been part of the community for at least 2 weeks?: Yes Have you been on the forums for at least 2 weeks?: Yes Have you been kicked or banned within the past 30 days?: No Have you read and understood all of our rules?: Yes Do you have at least 5 days of in-game time?: Yes