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  1. What has this place come to?

    1. Methelin


      A bunch of shit, of course.

    2. BashedDT
  2. Going off of the side given by Free Stuff The Galaxy it seems it was crossfire. Unless you have evidence disprove this such as the death scene he will not be punished.
  3. Free The Galaxy has been contacted via steam ( sorry for the delay, I had work all weekend )
  4. chucky will be slain and warned to read F1 and F3 before playing.
  5. Jesus will be slain once and warned to give you time to ID before KOSing
  6. Just a little duck will be slain once for accidental RDM
  7. Mr.Bubbles moat.gg will receive one slay for accidental RDM and warned to read F1 and F3 before playing
  8. supa will receive a one day ban for Purp RDM x1
  9. Just a little duck has been contacted via steam
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