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  1. Showcase your favorite combination of cosmetics! I'll start: I use a Boba Fett model with the Nemesis skin and red tint. Additionally I throw on some shades and a scarf with red tints over them! I stuck with the Estilo Muerto hat because it just perfectly matches everything haha. If you've seen me ingame, i'll almost always be wearing this! Now, show yours off! Maybe I can hold some kind of contest in the future where we get to vote on outfits 🤔
  2. If this were to be done, then we'd have to remove elements from the Event menu giving players who purchase support credits less incentive to buy things. Probably wouldn't be good for the devs wallets. Maybe adding a spectator death match? That would be really fun and is commonplace on TTT servers.
  3. *EHEM* many threads about this already, i just assumed its a low priority bug
  4. I've seen this on a lot of other servers and always thought it was fun... also a good throwback to L4D2
  5. It does appear to be displaying incorrect numbers
  6. I dropped 3 planetaries in the last few weeks from the event that gives free plantaries
  7. it's between the spooktacular sterling silver and scorching SG550 TE. the SG550 te was my first ascended gun so i thought it was dope, and then i dropped a spooktacular sterling silver that i fell in love with due to its low recoil and great dmg at range
  8. Basically just hope you're using a gun with vamp/lich. Otherwise you'll probably lose outright the second you shoot. You'll be instantly KOS'd the moment you attempt to kill a player.
  9. I own 3 of them that i'm willing to sell for extremely high prices
  10. I do really like this concept, however this completely invalidates cat sense.
  11. Prime example of the exploitation of the moat.gg servers lack of unit collision. Players are enabled to do this through the use of crouch jumping and moreso with froghopper. This NEEDS to be fixed.
  12. Mine has high end stats with meh talents and would be sad to see it get nerfed to the ground like the VSS
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