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  1. I saw it on a video with someone's Famas so seems like the RPM of many guns aren't functioning properly.
  2. I believe this abuse falls under exploiting. On headshot rounds people do this effectively making themselves invincible. And if only your legs are sticking out of the ceiling, that should count as a player exploiting as this falls under "...user is clearly outside of the map" However are we to punish players for just using a game mechanic? I believe we should just remove froghopper completely because players would have no way of doing this anymore. Froghopper gives players the means to exploit in many ways.
  3. Remove Frogghopper while we're at it too... I hate losing gunfights to players where half of their body is in the ceiling.
  4. Dark Knight

    Fix Gambling

    The gambling tab lies to you constantly. Not only are there a bunch of gambles present that have been cancelled/completed, but the worst part is that the number shown may not be true. A player told me they took a 1ic gamble, which turned out to be 500,000 IC. I've even taken gambles that appeared to be 100 IC, but were actually 50k. This is unacceptable. This hurts many players who don't have a lot of IC and needs a fix.
  5. Most guns are just "hold left click to 2 tap someones head" anyway. So almost every gun you use is the same
  6. Exactly! As a player who is very often in the TTC server, this doesn't ever happen, because the Jester there can be killed by Traitors and doesnt instantly end the match. By implementing the jesters TTC mechanics into the normal servers, players wouldn't get as upset anymore.
  7. why can i smell you from here?
  8. I agree with OP. It causes you to lose gunfights because only the targets legs stick out, reducing your damage significantly. It's pretty dumb, but with how GMod works, I'm not really sure how this mechanic can be changed. Maybe with the removal of Froghopper?
  9. Just a simple switch. Make the Jester who is in normal beta servers into how he functions in the TTC server. For those who don't play TTC, if you kill Jester in that server the timer will start counting down rapidly, ramping up the Traitors/Serial Killers incentive to kill innocents. This effectively makes gameplay more exciting, as the killers will attempt to get their win with significantly reduced time. On the other hand, the current Jester just ends the game, killing anyone's momentum and their fun. Out of the 20 rounds on a map, sometimes you may only get 3-5 Traitor rounds which come to an early end, upsetting Traitors and increasing peoples frustration. With the TTC Jester's mechanics, players would be less frustrated and enjoy the game more! I speak for everyone when I say they don't like their Traitor rounds abruptly ending. I hope this idea gets some consideration.
  10. Proxy mine is great for killing people who're camping rooms. Pretty sure it's designed to kill people through walls.
  11. I've gotten nothing back still. Idk how people are acquiring them so easily.
  12. I'd be fine if the Jester functioned as it did in TTC. Why was it changed to be so horrible?
  13. same. missing tons of guns from the halloween event.
  14. Dark Knight on steam Dark Knight#3151 on discord i need guns plz
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