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  1. make that when we keep a report we can give a reason why
  2. In-Game Name of Offender: Brummbar Blyat SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:0:86486845 Which server was this on?: TTT #4 Date of Incident: 11/24/2019 Report Reason: vote kick me for no reaso What Happened: i killed many people with distribution machine (prop kill) in the preparation in innocent motel and he vote kick me for that and he blamed me for mass rdm Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: no Witnesses: Evidence: Votekicked by Brummbar Blyat (STEAM_0:0:86486845) (Purposeful Mass RDM) Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  3. It will be a server where the player level 1 to 10 will be, they will not have access to the 50/50 crate and the event crate, they will not be able to start event because they will dont have any event credit (normally), it will leav a chance for them to know the rules with new player and dont do mass rdm in the server of the player that play almost everyday and sometime too im sad to see that the last T in my team is a level 1 and have almost no chance to win the round.
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