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  1. Long story short, this 24 year old is the byproduct of what happens when two weebs get married on base in Kadena. I was raised in rural-ish Michigan on a diet of anime VHS tapes, military documentaries, and old PC games. I earn my bread by budtending and working on cars, but have to waste most of it on rent, gas, food, and insurance instead of spending it on more important things like anime figures of questionable taste, sketchy aftermarket turbo kits, video games, and harebrained business ventures. If you've ever been to Youmacon in Detroit and encountered a Touhou that smelt like burnt transmission fluid rather than con-sweat either in the halls or helping man a booth, then you've already met me. If you ever want anime recommendations or car advice, don't be afraid to ask. (Though if the question is whether or not your engine should be making that ticking noise, the answer is almost always no.)
  2. (Before you ask, no, this mess is not part of the event guide.) Ever wish your callout bind could say a different phrase every time you pressed it? Well, I've devised a system to do just that. Only problem is that it's a little... odd. If you aren't familiar with the dev console or keybinding in general, please peruse wildmonkei's ultimate guide on the subject, as this will look like absolute moonspeak otherwise. This whole ball of madness revolves around one bind, a few alias commands, and a handful of .cfg files. The last of which are located in your game's cfg folder which is located at ...\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\cfg and should look like this (minus the callouts folder): To begin, open up autoexec.cfg using notepad, and write this at the bottom (replace mouse3 with whatever your preferred callout key is): exec callouts/callout1.cfg bind mouse3 +callout Save and close autoexec.cfg. That sets up the bind and tells the game to read the contents of callout1.cfg from the callouts folder. Speaking of which, create that callouts folder you saw earlier. Inside of it, make one empty .cfg for each callout you want, and title them like so: Now, open callout1.cfg and toss in alias "+callout" "ttt_radio traitor; say PHRASE1" alias "-callout" "exec callouts/callout2.cfg" Replace PHRASE1 with what you want it to say, then save and close. Blam, first callout is already done. Now when you press down on your callout key, it'll do your normal callout bind stuff, but when you lift off of that key, the game will import the setings from callout2.cfg The content of the other .cfg files is almost identical, except that each one execs the next one in line like so: alias "+callout" "ttt_radio traitor; say PHRASE2" alias "-callout" "exec callouts/callout3.cfg" alias "+callout" "ttt_radio traitor; say PHRASE3" alias "-callout" "exec callouts/callout4.cfg" alias "+callout" "ttt_radio traitor; say PHRASE4" alias "-callout" "exec callouts/callout5.cfg" alias "+callout" "ttt_radio traitor; say PHRASE5" alias "-callout" "exec callouts/callout1.cfg" But, notice that the last one imports the settings from callout1.cfg, thus creating a loop. Once you have each callout set up, you are done. Enjoy. (sidenote: mashing the callout key somehow causes it to fire out of order. That's a bug. That's the premium shuffle feature.)
  3. NGL, the first time I saw the Jester win I figured I had gotten way to high and accidentally joined TTC. Don't get me wrong, I love roles, and I think they add interesting elements to freshen up the gameplay... but I also love good ol' regular TTT. Best analogy I can come up with is that it's kinda like two flavors of ice-cream that taste good on their own, but taste weird when mixed together, ya know? If Jester is here to stay, though, could we please have it implemented in a way like Darth Scrub is suggesting? In it's current state, Jester feels like wacky-round content compared to the rest of the vanilla gameplay loop.
  4. I'd be fine with it, but only I get to name my guns something dumb, like "℻" or "👖".
  5. Well, at least we got a system for daily inventory backups. Having nothing was fun and all in an ascetic, masochistic kind of way... but I prefer having stuff over not having stuff.
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