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  1. This is a great memory, yes good memory, turrets were always balanced please put back. this is funny too, hehe yes funny invis man Careful lucio has a gun. this isn't very funny Lucio.mp4
  2. Just decon your entire inventory
  3. Just put pieces in random places 🙂
  4. You say this, but before this happened they were 500-600k per mutator, they are cheap for what they are
  5. Even if this ever got passed, everyone with those mutators will just decon them still putting ic into the economy, i would rather have cheap mutators then lots of people with millions of ic
  6. I assume you can't read the bit where he says 'Obviously, I will give all the drops and the IC from the decon back.'
  7. Literally sways while standing still wym 'while moving' clearly you have never actually seen the weapon sway on moat
  8. There should either be an option to remove weapon sway, or some weapons just shouldn't have it because you can't ads for sh.it with them. An example being the raginator or the m4alover/fan/partner Edit: while on topic with the m4alover/fan/partner add it to the m4a1 dailies
  9. Tbh most of the time its on accident where a random innos flashes the s❤❤❤❤ of inno motel and i just thrown a babynade and get 4-6 kills, but yeah a time reduction on flashes would be a nice addition to flame ❤❤❤❤❤❤ant
  10. I don't see ttt_sens in that list of played maps, its the best map -1
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